Part I Of Ambient Studios’ Exclusive Interview: The Concept

Our senior editor, Amy White, sits down with Ambient Studios to talk with them about their Kickstarter, Death Inc.
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Ambient Studios is getting ready to release their newest title, Death Inc., upon the completion of their Kickstarter–which is right around the cornering, with 49 hours left to raise their funds.

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They still have about 200,000 pounds left, and need your support! We loved their laid-back attitude and quirky perception of the Grim Reaper, and we’re sure you will too. Check out the footage in the video above for more information.

Jonny Hopper and Daniel Leaver, two of the four co-founders at Ambient Studios, mentioned an August 2013 release date, assuming that they can reach their Kickstarter goal.

I’d like to say it’s 100% critical and that not reaching it would be the end of the world. Obviously we’ve put loads of work in and it’s been very hard, but if we don’t make it we shall explore other options. Death Inc. will almost certainly still get made, just differently perhaps.

We asked them how the idea for Death Inc. come about, and what can we look forward to…

It started off as a question: “What would it be like to control a horde of zombies against the good guys?” And then we decided that it would be cool but also dull because everybody’s made a zombie game in the last few years. So we started to explore more exciting and fresh scenarios. Skip a step and you have “controlling the Grim Reaper in the 17th century giving everyone the bubonic plague.” …In truth I’m really excited about the tactical options you can explore with the different units. The way you control the guys makes it seem very fluid and natural. It’s exciting to play.


Stay tuned for the next part in our Ambient Studios series, coming soon as we count down to their Kickstarter completion!

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