PAX East 2013: The Unanticipated Disappointment

This attendee is let down by the attitude of some of the folks working the convention.
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PAX is anticipated by so many people once November hits and the tickets go on sale. There are a lot of companies here and the guests attending are looking forward to meeting people and having a great time. Sometimes they are even some famous people at PAX and what a better way to enjoy PAX then to finally meet the gamers or streamers you watch online right?

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Well the answer is yes. But what could easily ruin that is when those people or person is just straight up rude. You gotta keep it professional. And being loyal to your fans and and putting a smile on their face definitely falls under the word professionalism. Seeing some of the pro gamers and streamers give their fans attitude or just not respond to their excitement is just not a good look for you and especially the company you’re representing.

I understand people have been in your face all day, but at the same, time this is what you do. Leaving fans with a smile on their face should be something you want to do. People look up to these gamers and streamers, and leaving a bad impression is not good for you and the company. 

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