PAX East 2014: Krautscape

Everything is better with wings.
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The slogan of Krautscape is “It’d be better with wings.” A racing game, currently out on Steam Early AccessKrautscape allows users to take the Krautmobile for a spin – both on the track and in the air. 

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If you’ve ever played a racing game and thought about jumping tracks to get to the end, Krautscape is for you.  

In Krautscape, you power around a track as it generates in front of you, always trying to be first through the gate. The innovation is that if you drive off the track, you can fly. This ability lends itself well to a greater sense of fun, hop-skipping your way across the tracks. 

There are issues – this is, after all, an Early Access title. From the limited demo, the problem lies in the controls. The analog stick is super sensitive, and slight variations seemed to jump across the screen. Accelerating is controlled by pressing “B,” but a trigger control seems like a better control scheme.

Despite these personal quibbles, the game was a win and definitely worth the $7.99 pricetag for Early Access. Check it out at the Krautscape Steam page

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