PAX East Booth Tour!

Highlights from the floor at PAX East 2014

From fab to fierce, game companies pulled out all the stops for PAX East 2014. Here are some highlights from the floor!

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Biggest Futuristic Frisbee: Carbine's WildStar Booth


Best Booth Stunt (Literally): Ubisoft's BMX Biker crew for Trials Fusion

Signage Most Likely To Cause Existential Crisis: Actual Sunlight Booth

Best Hamster Ball: Those Guys (I'll be honest, I've got no idea what they're selling. But they have a human size hamster ball, so they've got that going for them.)

Biggest Headphones: Turtle Beach. Anyone else think those ear cups look like a comfy nap spot?

Best Use of DDR Pads: Crypt of the NecroDancer. Sure, you can play it on PC with your arrow keys, but this 8 bit dungeon crawler meets DDR indie title give all of us old DDR pad hoarders redemption.

Most Festive: Guacamelee - check out the sweet shrine and fancy flags festooning the booth!

Most Intimidating: 2K's Evolve Booth - I know we're not supposed to judge a scary, drooling monster by his cover, but this guy does NOT look friendly.

Biggest Crowd: Riot Games League of Legends Booth. As usual, Riot went big, and they used their impressively ginormous booth space to create programming that drew a crowd.

Fastest Fun: Grabbles by Noble Whale Studios. This little gem is going up on Steam Greenlight any day now, and it was the quickest walk up, pick up, and enjoy experience of my floor time today. Legit fun.

Merchandise Least Likely To Fit In Our Carry On: Geek Chic has outstanding custom furniture for the adventure inclined. If you enjoy drooling over wonderful craftsmanship, be sure to go ogle their wares.

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