PAX East: Natural Selection 2, City of Steam, Unity engine

Live coverage from the floor of PAX East

Live coverage from the floor of PAX East
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Checked out a few games here at PAX.  Natural Selection 2 looks great, I can really see the potential of competitive game play and strategy. Also played a game called City of Steam which is played in a web interface using the Unity engine. Since I have been developing using the Unity engine I could really see that they put a lot of work into the GUI and play mechanics. I was informed that it is still at an alpha build right now, but I will probably checking into it often to see how well the game is progressing.

Also entered into a raffle to win some great Roswell equipment.  They had some an amazing desktop on display.  It had water cooling, three SLi linked graphics cards.  I didn’t get the specs exactly since I was in a line, but I can only guess at how amazing the processor and memory is on the machine.

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