Pax Prime: Inside Peak at Watch Dogs

The new app from Ubisoft opens up a new range of gameplay for the upcoming game.

The new app from Ubisoft opens up a new range of gameplay for the upcoming game.

Ubisoft’s next big title is Watch Dog’s, which turns hacking and an entire city into your weapon. This year at Pax Prime, attendees could watch a brief demonstration of the possiblities for playing Watch Dog’s. 

A lot of games seem to be focusing on integrating tablet technology with next and current gen technologies. Watch Dogs is no exception. Users can download a free application on their tablets and control aspects of the city in their friend’s games. 

The demonstration at Pax Prime involved two Ubisoft employees, one on the console and the other on a tablet device. The console user was in a free-roam style of play, outside of a mission. While they are in that mode, they can be sent challenges from their tablet-bound friends. 

These challenges are things like “races,” where the console user runs through the streets, avoiding obstacles set by the tablet-user. The tablet user has command of the CtOS, the Central Operating System for the city of Chicago in game. The tablet-user views the in-game screen as an illuminated mini-map. The more of a rampage the console-user inflicts, the more facilities that the CtOS allows the tablet-user to have. 

This functionality looks incredibly fascinating, and like the perfect augment for your non-gamer friends who want to be in on the action. 

Watch Dogs will be available at launch for all next gen consoles and late November for the Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. 

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