Payday 2: Deathwish Release Impressions

My first impressions on the release of the Deathwish DLC, a difficulty update for Payday 2.
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Developer Overkill Software has released the latest free DLC for their incredible first-person co-op shooter Payday 2. The Deathwish DLC brings along a new difficulty mode, new masks, new achievements, a new melee weapon and the most difficult enemies the game has seen yet. If you thought the stealth bastards were bad, wait to come face to face with these gentlemen.

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Donning more plated armor than a Dragon Age character, the new heavy-armored Dozers carry light machine guns and plenty of ammo to take out your entire crew in one fell swoop. They’re backedu p by the new GENSEC elite guards, which have enough armor of their own and heavier weaponry than standard enemies.

Those who have played the game since beta will understand how incredibly awesome it is that we’ve received another new difficulty level finally. The majority of those still playing the game will play on Overkill as if it were nothing. We can complete jobs with relative ease and clean up when things go wrong. This level of skill has come from playing at the same difficulty for so long we’ve built a routine. We understand what’s going to happen and when it is going to happen.

The new Dozer and GENSEC officers mix things up and throw a wrench into our carefully laid plans. I look forward to the changes coming in the Deathwish DLC. I have not yet had the chance to play it as I am working. But tonight! Some fine British gentlemen and me shall tear things up while we try to make the biggest scores in Payday 2 yet.

I intend to die plenty while relearning the ropes of Payday 2 and its new difficulty level. I am prepared, as is my body.

Check back tomorrow for gameplay impressions of the new DLC.

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