Peridium: A Pixelated Take on The Thing

Peridium is a short horror adventure game made for Adventure Jam 2017. Read on for more details.

Peridium is a short horror adventure game made for Adventure Jam 2017. Read on for more details.

Peridium is an old-school point-and-click adventure game made by a small Australian team of developers in just over five days. It follows the story of James Turner, a mycologist who finds himself trapped in a research base deep in the Antarctic. With other researchers, seemingly infected by some unknown disease, trying to break into the station, James must find a way to call for help and evacuate from the area.

Visually, the game uses pixelated graphics which are quite pleasing to the eye. Speech and most actions are represented by animations, and there is never any trouble making out what is going on. The main protagonist, who also takes up the role of a narrator, does an excellent job of conveying his thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Other characters feel lacking in that regard even though, judging by the end-credits, they were all voiced by the same person.

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In a traditional point-and-click manner, you must guide James in finding the necessary tools for solving any given puzzle. A descriptive text appears over any interactive objects, providing a welcome visual feedback and meaning you don’t have to click on every square inch of the screen to progress.

The music is subtle, unsettling; similar to what John Carpenter and Ennio Morricone did in 1982’s The Thing, from which, more than likely, Peridium has drawn a lot of inspiration.

The game’s only shortcoming is its length; it’s unlikely to take you more than 30 minutes to complete, though there are two different endings to experience. However, taking the development time and team size into consideration, it is understandable. If you’re craving a short and spooky adventure game, Peridium is available on the developer’s blog — for free. If you’re feeling generous, you may consider donating a chosen amount and supporting their future projects. Either way, I suggest you give this game a go whenever you have half an hour of time at your disposal.

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