Pink is not just the new black, it’s a whole new fashion!

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The atmosphere and the colors are simply amazing in lion’s arch.
I tried to get a pink outfit with matching colors, so I ended up with a mix of pink, red and white.
It’s the winged armor set with the t3 human skirt.

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The pieces of the skins and its colors are:

  • Acolyte Mask (Lifesblood + Phlox)
  • (I don’t like the looks of the shoulder pieces so I play without showing them)
  • Winged Tunic (White + Lifesblood + Royal Rose)
  • Winged Gloves (Lifesblodd + White + Royal Rose)
  • Sorcerer’s Pants (  White + Royal Rose)
  • Winged Boots (White + Royal Rose)

My intention has been to create an armor set (color and style) which matches with my hair and the ribbons, so pink has to be the color. With the red and white I tried to give my character a more royalty look and to lighten up the tense which occurs if you have too much of one color on the armor.
The decoration of the armor just adds a more royal appearance and matches with the style of the ribbons. 

Additionally, I have to say that I probably spend more time talking and looking for pieces for my armorset then the most people have played Guild Wars 2 🙂
I loved creating mixed sets of armors in Guild Wars1 but in Guild Wars 2 it’s simply amazing with all these different colors.
So that there is more space for awesome pink colors!, who needs black anyway?

Just a little side note : The name of the guild I am in is: The Black Beast in [Pink] , perfectly matching my motto!

Pink Outfit

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