Pokemon Mega Evolutions from Worst to Best

Pokemon Mega Evolutions ranked from the worst to the best.

With the creation of Mega Evolution, there have been many Pokémon that have unlocked their true power through this process. With every growth in power, there are those who are already strong who only grown in strength when they are given it. Unfortunately, some of the Megas fell behind due to the fact that their counterparts might be a little overpowered. With that said, let’s talk about a list of globally released mega Evolutions from worst to best. This means these Pokémon have been released worldwide and everyone has had a chance of using them through legitimate means. No hacking.

Keep in mind, none of these Pokémon are outright bad, this is just a list of those who may not measure up as well as others. The whole point of a Mega Evolution is that the Pokémon gets stronger, so it's never a bad thing. This is just a list of personal preference, extensive forum research, battle research and design for some. 

If you have a difference of opinion, feel free to comment below.

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No matter how many children you take your revenge on Banette, it won’t put it any higher on this list.  

Banette was one of those Generation 3 Pokémon that really needed some kind of evolution due to its lackluster stats. While its counterpart Dusclops  gained an evolution in Generation 4, Banette was left in the dust until now. It has a better stat total and arguably an even creepier design than before, with that said  it still doesn’t measure up to some of the others on the list. It can take out a sweeper Pokémon with moves like Destiny Bond - but compared to another Ghost type on this list, Banette is not the strongest choice.

It can work with the right move set and can be a grim reaper of some of the best members on your opponent's team, but there are some many little factors that you have to account for that it just makes it harder to use. It’s still a good Pokémon, but compared to its brethren it takes the bottom of this list. Even if it is one of the scariest Pokémon of all time.

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Abomasnow is a Pokémon that has a lot of weaknesses, and while the Mega Form does certainly help give it some more bulk, it still faints pretty quickly. There is always the argument: "If it sets up it's such a great Pokémon" - but how many people actually let this snowman set up? Not many if they have any Pokémon weak to Ice on their team.  As cool of a design as it is, Mega Abamasnow can be taken out by any high special attack Pokémon with a stab bonus against it.

It may have higher stats that those in the bottom ranks of Mega, but it does not have their survivability. A cool idea, just not executed very well.

Source of the Art: Here

What better way to intimidate your enemy than to look like a giant lightning bolt? When it comes to movesets, Mega Manectric never had much to work with. Even back in Generation 3, while a good Pokémon, Manetric always ended up outclassed by others. It is no different in the Generation 6 where other Mega Evolutions are just better due to the variety of movesets or better stats.

While it isn’t a one trick pony, Manectric doesn’t have much wiggle room in it's sets and other than the those listed online it really can’t stand up to other sweepers as well in the OU Tier. I still have a personal love for this Pokémon because it was one of my favorites back in Generation 3 but despite its massive mega boost it still falls short of other Pokémon. Doesn't make it any less of an awesome maned wolf of course.

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Mega Gyarados has some giant pulsating red growths that make him stand out, to say the very least. Gyarados has been in OU for such a long time, I can’t imagine the Meta without it. When Game Freak said it was getting a Mega Evolution everyone was excited! Until they saw what it looked like. Not only its appearance but its secondary typing is a bit of problem for its' fans.

While it is still a ridiculously powerful physical attacker, Gyarados’ Mega Form gives it weaknesses it didn’t have before. It did get rid of the X4 to Electric which was nice, but now Gyarados has multiple other weaknesses as well. Mega also got rid of his immunity to the infamous Earthquake which is the bane of many of trainer. Sure, it has a resistance to it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t faint because of a stab-powered, strong Earthquake. It’s still stronger than most Pokémon, so take solace in the fact that Gyarados fans and try to forget those weird red growths on its sides. At least fan art makes it look more natural.

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Mega Houndoom was certainly a fan favorite when the images of the megas were being released. Mega Houndoom is one of those Pokémon that also get a significant stat booster from it’s’ mega evolution but since it’s typing wasn’t changed its’ weaknesses remained the same. While quite a bit more versatile than some of the others on this list, Mega Houndoom has one fatal weakness, Stealth Rock. 

Without a good Rapid Spinner on the team, Mega Houndoom will not do nearly as much damage as you want it to. It’s a great Pokémon with an amazing design, wide movepool, and variety of playable options but the weaknesses to stealth rock is what kills it’s usability for many people. Houndoom, while not the best of the Mega Fire types, is certainly beloved by the fans and there is nothing that will change that.

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Need a mega form? Just slap wings on an old Pokémon and you’re good to go! A fan favorite from Generation 3, Mega Absol comes to us with a new set of wings and quite a big stat boost.  Mega Absol was finally able to be a threat in the OU Metagame.

With its ability Magic Bounce it can eliminate the most infamous entry hazards that have plagued our favorite Pokémon for so many years, Mega Absol is a cut above the rest when it comes to mega abilities. This might not help Mega Absol as much as it helps its’ squishier or more frail allies like the great Talonflame. But it still proves to be a valuable teammate.

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That suave new hairdo and its new typing really make Mega Ampharos one of the more unique of the Mega Evolutions. It’s a more defensive-based Electric type thanks to its defensive type, Dragon, in combination with its stats. Ampharos is a Pokémon that is often underestimated by the general public. It’s a surprisingly good tank and can live through moves other electric types can’t.

However, its speed stat is what ultimately hampers it and Electric types are known for their speed. While it might not be a sweeper, Mega Ampharos is still good addition to any team. Just maybe not a typical OU team unless you can pull off some fun wildcard moves. There is nothing better than unexpected win.

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How else would you make a mega form for Aerodactyl other than putting a bunch of spikes on it? What would you actually design a new appearance for it? That’s just silly! Mega Aerodactyl is fast and it can devastate teams in a blink of an eye once it gets going. Unlike others, it sets up quick making it a tough creature to stop, unless your opponent out-speeds you.

Its ability Tough Claws increases all of its physical moves by 33 percent and since it’s primarily a physical attacker, Mega Aerodactyl is guaranteed to throw some sort of devastating move at you. You’d need a pretty solid physical wall in order to outlast this beastly fighter. The only thing that hurts it is that if you don't instantly one shot someone your likely to get one shot yourself. Aerodactyl is a speed demon with physical power to back it up; it's an amazing Pokémon.

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Despite it having good stats with its new appearance, virtually nothing has changed about Mega Heracross. It has always been in OU and this stat boost didn’t change much about it. It just gave it different appearance. Heracross by itself was always a devastating Pokémon and now it’s a devastating Mega Pokémon. It’s ability skill link will make a move that hits 2-5 times hit a solid 5 times. The ability is just okay but luckily the stats and the move pool makes up for it. That and everybody loves Heracross, even with a wicked witch nose.

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Mega Scizor is one of the coolest designs out of all the Mega's, making it look like a super armored Ninja. While it is a cool Pokémon, it is disappointing it has not really changed that much outside of it's appearances: stats and slightly expanded move pool. Much like Heracross it does the exact same thing it did before but with more stats. Same car, just some newer parts and a new coat of paint. Both it and Mega Heracross are good Pokémon that would have probably stayed viable regardless if they were given a mega evolution or not, they are great Pokémon.

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That shark that you were scared of in the water might be closer than you think, it might not come from a shark tornado, but through the destructive land shark that is Mega Garchomp. Garchomp's biggest weakness is that to use it at it's full potential you need to set up sand storm and that it's slower than it's prevolution.

Without a sand storm, Mega Garchomp is just a Garchomp on steroids which is effective, but not nearly as effective as it should be. Garchomp is still a terrifying beast to behold on the battlefield and shouldn’t be underestimated.

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It's like a Kaiju has come out of the ocean to destroy us all and that Kaiju is Mega Tyranitar! Another pseudo-Legendary, but this one comes with its’ own sand stream equipped. While still retaining it’s Rock/Dark origins Mega Tyranitar is a terrifying Pokémon to see released on the battle field if only to being unable to anticipate just what is coming. With a mixture of chip damage and its own massive attack stats, this king of the dinosaurs will show you who's boss.

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If we put tons of guns on him no one will notice he’s the weakest of the Kanto starters this time around! Blastoise is the fairly well rounded Pokémon on its' own and with its Mega Evolution, it gives it the extra kick it needs to compete with its’ starter brethren up in OU. While he might not be the best of his starter brethren he can certainly hold his own if need be; it might just be a bit more difficult than he'd like. His ability powers up any pulse based moves and he is still the best rapid spinner in the game next to Starmie. While it might not be as high up as the other Kanto starters, its’ canons will blow you away.

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What better way to multi-task that a hyper powered multi-armed Medicham tearing down your enemies? Medicham was in OU way back in Ruby and Sapphire so once it gained a Mega Evolution we knew it was going to be trouble and we were right.

Mega Medicham is a beast of a Pokémon thanks to its speed and the power it puts behind it. You are more than likely going to be one hit KOed by a Mega Medicham if you don’t destroy it first. Its ability Pure Power doubles it’s attack stat making it a formidable foe to come to blows with. If you can land a hit with its lightning speed of course.

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I'm not sure about the rest of you but I'm never going outside again if these things are flying around. You know how Pinsir has always been that weird younger brother to Scyther and Scizor? Not anymore! This guy is coming through your windows and into your nightmares with it’s ability Aerilate. Aerilate increases the power of Normal-type moves by 30%, and if that wasn't enough it then changes those moves to Flying type giving it a STAB bonus.

Which means that a move like Return can do insane damage because it will always have a STAB bonus. While it isn’t banned as often as some of the others, it is still a nice surprise that a Pokémon that was underpowered by most player’s standards can now stand up with the the best of them.

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With that obvious reference to a explicit language Pokémon video aside, Mega Aggron is one of the best Steel types for Mega Evolution. Mega Aggron’s biggest draw is the fact that the moves that would normally be super effective are reduce by 25 percent. Add that with its beastly stats and you get a heavy hitter, with defense to match. Now that it no longer has its hindering Rock type, Mega Aggron can do whatever it wants.

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Two venus flytrap heads are better than one... slap on a pair of pink pants and you’ve got yourself a bonafide Steel/Fairy Mawile! Mega Mawile was given Huge power and a Fairy sub type to make it one of the most annoying Pokémon to take down in the meta game.

Not only does it have amazing defensive typing thanks to being steel/fairy but it also has Huge Power which, much like Medicham, doubles her attack stat. The difference being that you will more than likely have a difficult time taking out this cute little Pokémon thanks to her Steel typing. This Pokémon went from being not even a blip on the radar of Pokémon fans to a huge contender in the meta and it is a welcome change.

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More spoons equals more power right?! Mega Alakazam didn’t need buffs to its already insane stats, nor did it need a Mega Evolution, but here we are. Alakazam is the same as it’s always been except now it has a slight different design. Now it has Trace which gives it the same ability as its opponent possibly benefiting it even more. Mega Alakazam isn’t a bad Pokémon in any way, it was powerful with or without a mega and now it is even more of a threat.

Psychic/Fairy, who knew that would be one of the strongest combos for the Fairy type in the game? Mega Gardevoir with it’s high stats, it’s powerful movepool and it’s ability Pixelate, turning all normal type moves into fairy moves, can destroy everything. Other than her stunning ball room design, Gardevoir seems to be making up for lost time and becoming a wonderfully destructive sweeper. Any weakneses Gardevoir had before seems to be lessened by the addition of this new type and it is quite wonderful to see the dancing queen of Pokémon to be back in her rightful place in the top of the ranks.

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As if Venasaur wasn’t huge enough as it was, their mega form gave him Thick Fat, making him resistant to two of his weakness, fire and ice. This is a great edition to a highly used starter and arguably the best from Generation One. Mega Venusaur has a great move pool and has some of the best versatility out of any of the Pokémon on this list that aren’t legendary. He’s been in OU forever and giving him a mega isn’t going to change that, but having him resistant to a beast Charizard is very satisfying for those who love this bizarre grass toad.

Source Of Art: Here

Hello sir or madam, how would you like your Charizard today? X or Y ?

Charizard needed a way to get around Stealth Rock to be viable in the Metagame. Due to it being a fan favorite Pokémon, the creators decided to give two forms instead of one form. This means two distinctive ways to play Charizard depending on your play style. Do you want special attacks? Use Charizard Y. Do you want physical attacks? Use Mega Charizard X. Mega Charizard X has a Dragon sub-type rather than flying, making it vulnerable to ground type moves but able to avoid the crippling Stealth Rock.

Source of Art: Here

Kangaskhan needed a buff, while it was a decent normal type it could have used a slight boost to make it even more powerful. Instead of a slight boost, they gave a jetpack and it flew straight into being banned. Parental Bond allows Kangaskhan’s pouch bound baby to fight with its mama and it makes them a terrible twosome to tussle with. The moves Kangaskhan would use to hit once, hit’s again at half power. While that doesn’t seem like much, it stacks up quickly which causes this majestic mama to be banned.

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Mega Lucario can rock some dreads, it can also rock the competitive scene to its knees by being one of the only mega evos actively banned from competitive play.

Between its uber sweeper level speed, attack, Steel sub-type, it’s ability powering up, it’s same type attack bonus, and just everything in general makes this Pokémon absolutely fantastic. Also absolutely banable considering how many types this thing has just swept tournaments without any problem at all. Lucario is a fan favorite for a reason, it’s a reliable Pokémon that deserves all the attention it gets.

Source of Art: Here

What’s that creeping in the shadows towards you? Licking it’s lips and waiting to eat your dreams or perhaps your soul? It’s Mega Gengar, but it’s a good thing he’s banned!

Mega Gengar is banned in OU and it’s not hard to see why, it has now surpassed it’s eternal rival Alakazam in usability and is so strong that it is bane of every player's existence. Gengar was already hard to beat on its own, now you have to contend with this mega monster of a Pokémon. At least you can beat Mega Alakazam, Mega Gengar can be nearly unstoppable.

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This chicken is finger licking kicking your team all over the competitive circuit. Blaziken is one of the few Pokémon to ever be put into Uber Tier without being a legendary or pseudo legendary so what possessed them to give it a mega I will never know.

All I do know, is that this martial arts bird will torch everything you love, gaining speed constantly as it does so. It has a variety of moves that makes it versatile and able to taking down nearly anything. Blaziken can counter almost anything you throw at it as long as its' trainer is anticipating it. There is almost no stopping it unless there was…one stronger

Source of Art: Here

The genetic marvel, perfection, made from man’s Hubris, this is Mewtwo and he shouldn’t have ever gotten a Mega because it’s now unstoppable. Thanks Game Freak, we now have a Pokémon who has 780 base stat total! That’s more than every single Pokémon on this list! Not only that but they gave it not just one but two forms, Psychic and Psychic/Fighting if you feel a little crazy. This thing is the ultimate deadly power in the Pokémon universe! I don’t even need to say how good it’s move pool is!

You know it by now, this thing is so unstoppable it’s been banned from OU as just Mewtwo what do you think they will do with the Megas? I’ve never seen a Pokémon banned so much in multiple tournaments in my entire time playing Pokémon. If you want to use Mewtwo, do it with your friends and hope they can forgive you for unleashing this monster on the world.

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