Pokemon Shaming Taken to New Heights: Animation

Pet shaming - making your pet hold a sign detailing a list of all its wrongdoings - is old hat. Silly Filly Studios demonstrates Pokemon shaming is where the real fun is.
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You’ve probably heard of pet shaming by now, an activity best described as taking a picture of your pet nearby a sign detailing all of its wrongdoings.

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More humorous and less destructive in real life is Pokemon Shaming, where people imaginine the sorts of havoc that Pokemon would introduce to their lives.

Pokemon can unleash Sandstorms in your house, steal souls, create unnecessary EXPLOSIONS, crush your furniture, and even suffer from mundane problems like too much gas.

For instance, these Ghost-type Pokemon went above and beyond for their Pokemon trainer. Honestly, I’d probably taken them to get a haircut or a massage if my Pokemon did that for me, but that’s just me. 

Silly Filly Studios has taken Pokemon Shaming to a new level with an animated video, demonstrating the secret shames of multiple Pokemon…that will make you both laugh and perhaps feel a bit guilty. 

My personal favorite? The Onix who is trying to be an “indoor Pokemon.” 

Now think to your own personal Pokemon team. What trouble would your level 68 Tyranitar give you? Is your level 54 Gardevoir as sweet as she looks? How about that Charizard you keep carrying around? They probably need some shaming and now is your chance!

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