Poképarty Tips For Pokémon X Y Release Night

Ain't no party like a Pokémon party 'cause a Pokémon party (insert Poképun here.)

Ain't no party like a Pokémon party 'cause a Pokémon party (insert Poképun here.)

Tonight is the release night of Pokémon X & Y around the world. In every country with a video game retailer, kids and kidults alike will be standing in line to get their copy to experience all the mind blowing changes that are coming with the sixth generation. What could make this night even more magical?

Throwing a Pokémon X & Y release party, that’s what!

If there is anything the Pokémon series teaches its players, it’s that animal fighting is awesome (in the game world). If there is anything else, it’s that the power of friendship will overcome any difficulty in life, even if you turn to stone.

Like this if you cry every time.

What better way to celebrate friendship and fighting animals than to throw a X & Y themed party? All you gotta do is catch ’em all: snacks, drinks, party attire, sweet tunes, and party games.

What to Eat

Unless you have kept a spare surplus of Pokémon related snacks from 1998 around your house, you will most likely have to make due with themed food and drink.

For food, the best route to go with is serving some of the food the characters in the show eat. Go to your local Japanese grocer and pick up some rice balls then refer to them as jelly donuts. If you do not have a local Japanese grocer, go to the donut store and get some jelly donuts and call them rice balls.

R.I.P. 90s/2000s anime dubs

If you want to go for something a bit more substantial, perhaps you could serve a full dinner with food based around your (least) favorite pocket monsters. Fry up some drumsticks and pretend you’re eating Kentucky Fried Pidgey; barbeque some Tauros and wash it down with a calcium-filled glass of leche de Miltank; make Misty cry by going to a seafood buffet and sampling some water-types! What you serve should be based around how many people you will be partying down with and what kind of atmosphere you want to build.

What to Drink

This part is reserved exclusively for the Pokéfans of legal drinking age (and please drink responsibly!). If you have not been playing since Generation 1 or 2, then you should probably skip to the next party tip!

The fine folk(s) behind the Tumblr page the Drunken Moogle have come up with and posted others’ great video game inspired drink recipes. Of course, they have quite a few inspired by Gamefreak’s signature franchise and you will serve these at your party if you choose to have alcohol there.

There are drinks on the linked page for almost every type in the game. Ever wonder what a drunk Squirtle’s water gun would taste like? Try it out. These will come into play later on when we get to the drinking game section.

What to Wear

Every party has a different dress code. Some are black tie affairs, some are more welcoming of Canadian tuxedos. Like any good shindig, guests should feel encouraged (or obligated) to dress up.

Spongebob just mad that I look better in yellow.

Break out your kigurumi (see above) if you’ve got ’em. If not, any sort of cosplay will do, no matter how last minute and half-assed. Challenge a scientist to a battle in order to get his/her lab coat if you have to. Worst comes to worst, just carry around an old computer tower and pretend you’re Bill’s PC.

What to Spin

No party is complete without a good set of tunes for people to dance to and/or stand awkwardly against the wall and wait for your ride to pick you up because you blew your chance with Lass Diana by blabbering on and on about your stupid Rattata being in the top percentage!

I will release your team if you say one thing about the comfort and ease of wear of short pants, I swear on me mum.

The search for adequate music should be a short one, as you only have three choices: game soundtrack, show soundtrack, or both. The latter is probably your best bet.

In regards to the game soundtracks, there are tons of remixes available on the internet of songs from each generation that would probably fit a party more than just the songs on their own. If you and your friends are into the songs as is, however, bump away.

As for songs from the show, pull out (or acquire) your copy of the 2.B.A. Master album. Anyone who grew up watching the first seasons will still know the songs by heart. Just blast “Double Trouble” or “What Kind of Pokémon Are You?” and see how many people mumble the lyrics under their breath. Don’t try to hide it, Ashley! We’ve all seen your Spotify playlist.

Permanently stuck in your head.

What to Play (All-Ages)

This is the most straightforward part. If you and your friends have your copies with your 3DS, it’s a no brainer. If you are partying before the game comes out, then bust out previous games in the series, some of the console titles, or even some Smash Bros. for some Pokéball only fights between Jigglypuff and Pikachu.

What to Play (Legal Drinking Age)

Remember the drinks we mentioned before? Get some of those out because you’re going to be pounding them down hard if you play one of these games.

Pokémon Tournament

If you have enough people together, you can duke it out after catching enough ‘mon to fill out a team or going back and playing your team from an older version. If you lose, take a shot.

Hard mode: Take a shot for each member of your team that gets knocked out.

Nightmare mode: Combine hard mode with double elimination.

TV Show/Movie Drinking Games

Someone in your group of friends has got to have at least the first season on DVD, if not the entire series and all the movies. A few easy games could be taking a shot each time Team Rocket blasts off again, whenever Ash makes a stupid move as a trainer, or if Brock ever manages to have success with a girl.

Hard mode: Any time Misty is cold to Ash.

Nightmare mode: Any time Brock falls in love with a girl.

Nuzlocke challenge: Take a shot for every entry in the national Pokédex.*

*Neither I nor anyone on this site nor anyone in the world endorse this idea. Don’t do it, ya dingus.

Now that you are all set to party on the Pokémon X & Y release night, do it up big. Remember to drink responsibly and to never drive or nickname your Pokémon while under the influence.

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