Prince William’s Got 99 Problems, And The PS4 Is One

Even royalty sometimes can't jump on new consoles the moment they're released. Who would have thought Prince Harry was more like you and me than we thought?
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As it turns out, the Duke of Cambridge Prince William is a lot more like you and me than we first thought, in that even a prince must first ask his wife if it’s ok to buy a new video game console.

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Prince WIlliam told reporters today that as much as he’d love to get the PlayStation 4 when it releases on November 29 in the UK, he’s not sure the Duchess of Cambridge will let him, especially considering the recent birth of their son Prince George. As he’s learning, being the face of a nation is not nearly as difficult or time-consuming as being a dad.

“It’s very addictive. I’d like to get one but I’m not sure how my wife would feel about it.”

We’re All Basically As Good As Royalty

It feels pretty good, knowing that I’m basically as good as royalty. See, I have two kids myself, yet I not only convinced my wife to let me get a PS4, but she also buys that it was a good idea. Playing games helps me release stress and wind down after a hard day of work and getting the kids to bed. I’m a much better father thanks to that sexy PS4 sitting in my office. Maybe Willie should try that argument?

I wonder what kinds of games he plays? He seems like the kind of guy that would enjoy a good first-person shooter, and the PS4 certainly offers that in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Running in 1080p at 60 frames per second, the game looks gorgeous and plays silky smooth, and has a great online multiplayer component to boot. It seems like the perfect game to help someone as busy as him unwind at the end of the day.

Sneaky, Sneaky…

Or maybe he’s more of a sneaky, exploration kind of gamer? I can say from experience that Assassin’s Creed IV is fun and looks great on the PS4, so maybe he’d like to dive head-first into that game? Of course there’s always NBA 2K14, which looks great, plays smooth, and is a lot of fun. Though I’m not sure basketball is as big over there as it is here.

He should probably avoid Need for Speed (for what I think should be obvious reasons), but don’t forget the sleeper hit Resogun. Available from the PSN Store, Resogun is a futuristic, twin-stick shooter, with beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, and tense action. It’s one of those games that someone as important as Prince William could sit in front of for a few minutes at the end of a long day and enjoy, even if only briefly.

FIFA Has to Be On His List

Of course there’s always a chance the Prince is actually quite concerned about the direction of the next generation, and thinks perhaps it just won’t live up to his expectations. Maybe that’s the real reason he hasn’t jumped on board yet? But I am pretty sure once all his friends jump in to FIFA 14 he’ll quickly change his mind and desperately want that new console.

The bottom line here is that Prince William is just like the rest of us. He loves to game, but can’t always get all the latest and greatest pieces of technology the moment they launch. His reasoning may be different than yours or mine, but the fact of the matter is, we’ve all got problems. But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll see his Royal-ness on PSN playing some Knack in the very near future.

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