“Princess” of Rata Sum

Adorable. Sassy. Soon to be "Princess" of Tyria.
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The Arcane Council doesn’t mean a thing to one Navvi Wonder, self-proclaim princess. This mesmer rocks asura theme imperial robes with a purple blast. Her adorableness will be your downfall!

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What is she wearing?

  • Svanir Masque – Honor of the Waves – Midnight Violet & Purple Ice
  • Genius Epaulets – Asura Cultural Tier 2 – Purple Ice, Evening & Midnight Violet
  • Genius Coat – Asura Cultural Tier 2 – Scenic & Midnight Violet
  • Genius Gloves – Asura Cultural Tier 2 – Midnight Violet & Purple Ice
  • Winged Pants – Tailor/Trading Post – Midnight Violet, Scenic & Purple Ice
  • Light Armageddon Shoes – Exotic Karma – Scenic & Midnight Violet


Why this look?

It’s started out as a mission to have a feminine looking asura, which is a little hard to do with asura armor looking the same on both genders. It end up being a princess theme armor combo for my sassy little Navvi.

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