Projectiles and Electronic Equipment: A Tragic History, & How SNIPE is Changing the Game

From the days of injuries and destruction, to now shooting your electronic equipment...on purpose with SNIPE from XnTouch.
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Do you remember the 2006 launch of the Nintendo Wii? I sure do. I remember how excited everyone was to “be a controller” using the motion sensing Wiimotes. And do you remember how well that all turned out? Ah yes… Injuries and broken electronics. Though hardly the only peripheral to wreak havoc on unsuspecting players and their stuff, the Wiimote certainly has a place in the hall of “through-the-TV” fame. 

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There’s a new game, SNIPE, that aims to change the relationship between peripheral and screen forevermore, but before we take a deeper look at the forefront of motion peripherals, we couldn’t resist a quick stroll down memory lane to when Nintendo’s Wii console paved the way.

We’re not even sure how some of these were the result of a Wiimote – seriously. Points for creativity, people.

Many victims were claimed thanks to the Nintendo Wii in all shapes and sizes.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way. Yes, we’ve had some mishaps (mainly with people being in the way) but we’ve been able to enjoy interactive gaming a bit more. Well, XnTouch has taken peripherals to a whole new level with SNIPE.

“A revolutionary shooter game where you shoot actual Touch-Reactive darts at your touchscreen device, to take down epic digital targets”  

XnTouch is a specialized Israeli toy company who also made the Fruit Ninja Slice Sword in collaboration with Halfbrick Studios. They came up with the idea out of boredom from shooters on their smartphones.

Too Soon, or Just Soon Enough?

you can now aim and fire projectiles at your precious electronics on purpose… with no costly repairs or replacements

If you’ve managed to forget the physical and financial trauma of earlier flying peripherals, SNIPE boldly promises you can now aim and fire projectiles at your precious electronics on purpose… with no costly repairs or replacements.


A new world in touchscreen gaming, the free SNIPE apps that will be supplied will be the first of many iOS and Android applications to come. Currently in Alpha testing, the first four SNIPE Apps will feature many different game modes, authentic sound effects, life-like graphics, and awesome options. The apps and blasters are designed to give you an accurate shooting experience from 0.5 to 2.5 meters far (up to 7 foot) when playing with a 10” or smaller screens.

SNIPE Touch Dart
  • Conductive Materials: Unlike any other foam dart, SNIPE Darts are made of a unique electro-conductive foam body, which is attached to a special touch-reactive rubberized suction cup. Together, they create the ability to interact with capacitive touchscreen devices.
  • ‘Free-Falling’ Mechanism: Innovative suction cup tip has tiny air pores that give SNIPE Darts the capability to stick to the tablet’s screen for less then 2 seconds, before detaching and falling to the ground automatically. This is just enough time for the touch sensors to recognize the impact, and for you to shoot your next shot towards a clear screen.
  • Spiral Body Design: A unique spiral design distinguishes a SNIPE Dart from all other foam darts, so you’ll never mistake one for the other. The SNIPE Dart is extremely durable, with a range of up to (an astounding) 30 feet if the right blaster is used.
  • Patent Pending: A patent on the SNIPE Dart’s innovative technology and functionality was filed worldwide.
Apps available at SNIPE kick-off are:

SNIPE Darts are compatible with many front-loading blasters, there isn’t a better blaster to play SNIPE with than one of the SNIPE Blasters.

  • SNIPE Single-Fire Blaster: Firing a single dart at-a-time with a great medium-range accuracy, this blaster generates an awesome SNIPing experience to begin with.
  • SNIPE Rapid-Fire Blaster: With a rotating multi-dart barrel, which holds 6 darts at a time, this is the ultimate weapon for SNIPE games.

Easy loading, quick dart release, accurate aiming, and medium-range shooting are the SNIPE Blaster features, which were designed to perfectly enhance the SNIPE gaming experience.

They offer two SNIPE Mounts made specifically for SNIPE gaming needs:

  • SNIPE Table Mount: Simple, adjustable stand which will hold your smart device at a perfect angle to play SNIPE on a table, floor, closet, chest, the head of a dinosaur or any other flat surface.
  • Koala Wall Mount: Produced by ‘Dockem’ ( It’ll attach, detach and reattach to your wall without damaging it.

So, if you’re looking for something a bit different, SNIPE is definitely an option – just be sure to keep a firm grip on the Blaster so the darts are the only flying peripheral in your living room.

There’s still time to become one of their backers on Kickstarter with many levels of sponsorship to choose from.

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