PS4 Buzz Continues (#TheSkinny – Week of Feb 25th)

PS4 and Laura Croft - all eyes are on you this week.

PS4 and Laura Croft - all eyes are on you this week.

Last week, all eyes were on the PlayStation 4. Guess what? They still are…

#PS4 – What’s It Worth?

After so much hype behind the PS4 announcement, we were bummed that Sony never specified a price. Cost will be a major factor in the PS4’s success, no matter how powerful the console. With initial rumors saying the console would run more than an insane $600, Sony came out with a statement saying the PS4 will be comparable to other consoles.

So we asked:

“How Much is too Much?”

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New Tomb Raider

PS4 wasn’t the only popular topic of conversation. The gaming world is abuzz in anticipation of the newest Tomb Raider title – set to be released on March 5th. GameSkinny’s Katy already pre-ordered the game.  

Are you excited to play the new Tomb Raider? Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Check out this hilarious video of Conan O’Brien a.k.a. the “Clueless Gamer” reviewing Tomb Raider. Despite Conan’s creepy comments, the new Tomb Raider looks awesome!

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