Telltale Games has become a tour de force in the games industry, but what is their best game? Read on and find out!

Ranking Telltale Games Series’

Telltale Games has become a tour de force in the games industry, but what is their best game? Read on and find out!

Telltale Games is one of the fastest rising developers in the industry. The company has been making games for a long time now but it wasn't until The Walking Dead released in 2012 that its stock sky-rocketed.

Now Telltale Games is working on lots of projects, all of which are highly-anticipated. But which series has been Telltale's best? This list will count down the best series' from Telltale Games in the past 5 years, excluding Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones since they are ongoing. So read on and find out which series ranks as Telltale's best to date!

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6. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was the second huge license that Telltale Games got its hands on but unfortunately it didn't live up to the namesake. If you've heard of this game, it's unlikely you've heard anything good but it's not as bad as people like to say. If you are a big Jurassic Park and want to see a fully-realized Isla Nublar then check it out!

5. Tales of Monkey Island

Besides Sam & Max, Tales Of Monkey Island was the first big success for Telltale. The game was based on the popular LucasArts property, Monkey Island. A truly funny script and challenging puzzles, not to mention charming visuals, were the lauded aspects of Tales of Monkey Island.

4. Back to the Future: the Game

Back To The Future: The Game was the first major license that Telltale got to work with and the results were pretty good. This series honestly doesn't get the recognition it deserves - Christopher Lloyd even returned to lend his signature vocals for Doc Brown.

The game sees Marty and Doc jump from 1986 to 1931, an alternate 1986, and 1876. Each time period offered a distinct visual and fun story, from town fair to prohibition, with a little dictatorship thrown in for good measure.

3. the Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2 of Telltale's breakout hit, The Walking Dead, was arguably every bit as good as the first season. That's not a statement to be taken lightly, considering how heralded and beloved the first season is, and rightfully so. And yet Telltale pulled off an incredible feat. and gave Clementine a great 2nd outing. Each episode felt different and the story continued to escalate...but I really don't wanna spoil anything. So go play it. Like right now!

2. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a strange beast, no pun intended. It arrived after The Walking Dead, seemingly out of nowhere, and based on a fairly obscure comic book series. That's not discounting the comics though, they are incredible and I highly recommend you read a few before playing the game.

The story of Bigby Wolf and the mysterious serial killer in Fabletown was a truly amazing one. The Wolf Among Us features some of Telltale's best action sequences, visuals, and tough choices to date. Sadly, with so many upcoming projects (through 2017), a 2nd season seems unlikely in the near future.

1, The Walking Dead Season 1

This isn't exactly a surprise, is it? To be honest, I'm very torn between both seasons of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, as to which is the best. But then I recall all the emotions and jaw-dropping choices I had to make in that first season, back when it was unique and shocking, and it has to take the crown.

Lee and Clementine's journey through a scary and confusing world is one of gaming's crowning achievements in story-telling and emotional investment.

What's next? Telltale are currently developing episodes for Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones, both of which have been very commercially and critically successful thus far.

Following those two series', later this year, the studio is set to release the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, its take on the mega-popular game (that one's still a head-scratcher). After that the third season of The Walking Dead is set to be revealed, then Telltale's first ever original IP, which will somehow tie-in with a TV show. And finally, the studio recently announced a partnership with Marvel to make a superhero-related game.

All in all, Telltale Games is, quite possible, the busiest and fastest growing developer in the entire games industry. They have 2 ongoing series, 3 upcoming, and have hinted at a 2nd season of The Wolf Among Us. The future is incredibly bright for Telltale Games and I for one can't wait for that Squirrel Girl game! Fingers crossed!

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