Realistic & Modern Minecraft Houses

A post featuring 16 great examples of modern Minecraft house architecture. Gives you a taste of the creative things people manage to create just from a set of blocks.
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Minecraft is one of very few games out there where the main focus is player creativity. Even though Minecraft may not be the first game which allows players to build their own things in-game, it sure is the most successful one, and it requires very little to no experience in gaming to create your own builds. The Sims is probably one of the better examples out there that most of you have played or at least heard of. In both games you can build, but Minecraft gives the abilities to create anything you like, whether that be a spaceship or a replica of the city you are living in is completely up to you. Minecraft sure exceeds many of the limits found in games like The Sims and this makes it an extremely popular game.

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We have decided to share some of the most realistic and creative designs of Minecraft houses. The main thing which makes this type of builds quite interesting is their authentic look. Even though most of the buildings got the typical blocky Minecraft feeling, they still feel very realistic. Most of the creations found in this set of collection can be found on various Minecraft servers. If you choose to play on a server with a real life type of setting it’s very likely you will come across houses as the ones shown further down.

All houses we have chosen to list are created by Minecraft players in-game, both in singleplayer and multiplayer. The reason why we choose to mention this is because some of you might want to have similar buildings put on your server and therefore might be going for a hunt for so called seeds. To save you some time we choose to highlight this. If you want to use any of the creations found further down we recommend you to scout the forum threads and websites each image is linked to for download links or ask the creator to share the builds with you.



















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