Remember Walkmans? These Kids Don’t

Its time to feel really old. Kids today don't know what a Walkman is.

Its time to feel really old. Kids today don't know what a Walkman is.
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Those of you who are old enough to know what a Walkman is might want to sit down, because it’s time to feel really old. The popular YouTube channel called TheFineBros have recently put up a new instalment to their “Kids React To” series. A show where kids are given items of days long past and asked what they think of it.

In this installment, a group of kids are given a Walkman and asked “What is it used for?” some kids have simply no idea, while a couple of them give a few guesses: Is it a walkie-talkie? Oh, is it a phone? Only one of them was able to figure it out after a few moments. It’s nostalgic and incredible to see that in the span of 30 years something that was so essential and state-of-the-art is now obsolete and unknown to a number of younger generations.

Further into the video, the kids see that the Walkman needs a cassette tape and a pair of headphones. Some of them say that its cheap and unfair to have to buy two more things before being able to properly use it. But the real cherry on top is when they figure out how to skip to another song. After being told that they need to hit the fast forward button and guess the right spot, you can see on their faces that their minds have just imploded.

I can’t get enough of this, it’s hilarious to watch. But man do I feel old when I watch these kids try to figure out a Walkman.

TheFineBros consists of brothers Benny and Rafi, who have amassed a massive 1.5 billion views since their channel launch. They started out by making feature films in high school that have played in film festivals, and have made shows for networks like Comedy Central, and MTV. They have also won awards at the Daytime Emmy’s, Streamy’s, and the Webby’s.

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