Reservation for One: Why I Pre-Order Video Games

I don't always pre-order, but when I do, it's for big titles like GTA V.

I have been reserving games at Gamestop for many years, and I do not intend to stop now. Some people don’t pre-order games and just show up the day of release in hopes of getting the game. Others might just go to their local 24-hour Wal-mart and pick it up with no problem.

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Many times, there are plenty of copies and really no need to reserve a game, so why do I do it? The main reason is to put my mind at ease.

Playing Immediately

I like to play my games as soon as they are available and pre-ordering ensures that I do just that. I like knowing that I won’t have to wait to play a game in case the stores sell out. By pre-ordering a game, I am guaranteed a copy when the game launches and that makes me feel better. The last thing I want is to have my favorite game release and I am not able to get a copy because it is sold out. Though I can probably buy it somewhere regardless of whether I pre-order, I want to be sure.

I made sure there is no reason that I won’t be able to play this at launch.

Extra Benefits

Many places have pre-order bonuses you can get. These range from posters or key chains, to exclusive in-game content. If a game has some impressive bonuses for pre-ordering, I’ll be sure to take advantage of it.

Several games have bonuses like this when you pre-order.

Not Everything That Glitters is Gold

It isn’t always a good idea to pre-order though. Let’s face it, some games that come out aren’t that good. Things can also change over the development cycle of a game. This is when I do not pre-order. I never do it when the game has a long ways before it releases, and I only do it for games that I am certain I will enjoy. I use Gamefly for the titles I’m on the fence about and pick them up later if they are worth my time.

What do you think about pre-ordering, agree or disagree? Discuss in the comments.

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