Resident Evil 3 – My Husband’s Favorite Game

Scary games are at the core of certain gamers' childhood memories. They leave a mark, make an impact...and cause nightmares.
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My husband, Erik, is almost 27 years old and loves the Resident Evil series. As a matter of fact, he seems to enjoy all things zombies: games, movies, tv shows… When I asked him what his favorite game was, he had a hard time answering me right away. I tried to prevent him from choosing Final Fantasy IX because although he adores Vivi, he also adores zombies and zombie-killing. Here’s what he had to say during our interview time together:

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Me: What’s your favorite video game and why?

Erik: Resident Evil 3. Nemesis is terrifying. I enjoyed the survival horror aspect of it and being able to kill zombies. I always played on the hardest difficulty level, so Nemesis always seemed to appear randomly and never died unless you were on Easy. He always chased you around. And it was good to have the right item at the right time, like a gun, a knife, bullets… You had like three to six slots at the time to put stuff in, maybe eight… With those slots already taken, you would eventually need a key, and lockboxes were only in so many areas. I like to keep healing items on me because zombies can pop out anywhere. It was a harder game to me because I became paranoid about Nemesis. As you run around, he starts chasing you!

Me: What are your thoughts on the gameplay and graphics?

Erik: They were phenomenal for its time. The camera angles made it creepy. The music was really eerie. They made it so you could shoot off a zombie’s head if need-be. It always made for good times! It was so difficult to hold only a set number of items…

Me: Any thoughts on the storyline or the plot?

Erik: For me, it wasn’t about the storyline or the plot. It was all about the gameplay and that it was a scary zombie game. That alone lured me in.

Me: Did you have any favorite characters from the game?

Erik: I had no problems with Jill Valentine. She was the only character.

Me: What were your favorite parts of the game?

Erik: When I finally got to kill Nemesis for the first time! The nightmare finally ended…and then I went back for more. I figured out how to kill Nemesis every time I met him, and when I did, I would get a piece of a gun. I think it was seven different times you had to kill Nemesis? You’d put the pieces of the gun together and it’d create this handgun that was stronger than the original gun you’d been given. It was hard to get, though. The first time I had to kill Nemesis, I used a knife. That was exhilarating. I also liked when Jill got chased through the church after she got slightly infected…

(Funny, he forgot to mention this part… Probably because he can’t stand spiders!!!)

What was Resident Evil 3 like for you? Did you conjure up the nerve to play it, like my husband? I know I sure didn’t…

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