ROARING fashion Lion Style

I am Lion Crown the guardian
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Greetings adventurer's,

I am Lion Crown the guardian, yes that's actually me, I escaped the GW2 game code to hail you from "LION"; a guild on the "Gates of Madness Server" and this is my main, or shall I say "mane" alter ego.

All fashion here is built around the likeness of a lion, so the Name, Face, Flowing Mane Hair and Goatee/Liontee,  clawed guantlets and little size 40 boots.
He is the tallest and biggest Norn shape, minus the ale belly (He works out). Since there was not a Lion Spirit form to choose from I had to make it out of the toon itself but I did choose the closest  lycanthrop big kitty shape to transform into per a Norn perk when I'm in a fit of rage!!!! (Leopard)

Colors were chosen to fit the majestic royal reputation of the great king of beasts...the lion and hence a spalsh of royal gold, purple and white.

In summary...everything from top to bottom is designed to be an unmistakable complimentary theme, a "fashion statement" if you will.  Unlike other lions I'm not to full of my lion pride...I really enjoy a lot of the entries and I hope you all know your winners even if not officially in this contest!

I wish you well and may the spirit of B...errrr LION roar with you! :)

Thank you!  Sincerely,
     ~Lion Crown

    Chainmail Helm       (Color =   Banana / Orchid)
    Ascalonian Pauldrons             (Banana)
    Heavy De Molish Chestplate  (Banana / Midnight Purple)
    Hearty Gladiator Gauntlets     (Sand / Antique Gold / Blue Ice)
    Nobelman's Legguard's          (Banana / Orchid)
    Flame Legion Greaves.          (Sand / Orchid / Blue Ice)
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"GW2 Fashion"

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ROARING fashion Lion Style
I am Lion Crown the guardian

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