Rockstar Offers Some Cool Incentives To Join The Social Club

Rockstar Games is offering some useful incentives to players in exchange for joining their Social Club. Did I mention membership is free?
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Grand Theft Auto Online has been out for a little over two weeks now, and Rockstar has offered some items to players who join the Social Club.  The Social Club is Rockstar’s own little social network that tracks player stats and is part of the Crew system of Grand Theft Auto Online.

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The Crews of Grand Theft Auto Online basically act like teams or clans, and each player will earn more Reputation Points by playing with their Crewmates.  Not to mention that your Crewmates can dissuade other players from attacking you in-game as well.  Strength in numbers is a real thing.

However, there are in-game bonuses that stem from being a Social Club member and they can provide a competitive advantage over other players. 

The Sawed-Off Shotgun

One of the perks of being a Social Club member is access to a free Sawed-Off Shotgun at every Ammu-nation in Los Santos and Blaine County.  The shotgun is not the most powerful gun in Grand Theft Auto Online but makes short work of any close-range target. 

The picture is a little dramatic but…it actually will blow up cars.

The strength of the Sawed-Off Shotgun is its compact size that allows your character to remain fairly agile while still packing a punch.  This strength is offset by the short-range that the gun offers though, because the short barrel reduces the overall accuracy of the gun.  The shortened barrel also reduces the range of the shotgun so you want to be sure that you are close enough to your target.

Overall, having a Sawed-Off Shotgun makes starting out in Grand Theft Auto Online a lot easier due to the added firepower.  But, maybe that is not enough an incentive for you…

The Annis Elegy RH8

You may recognize this name from my Vehicle Selection Guide as one of the the sports cars.  The Elegy RH8 is the GTA Online version of a Nissan GT-R which means the car has a good top speed and handles well at high speed.  

Look familiar?

Perhaps the best thing about the Elegy RH8 is that you are able to get one off “” for free if you are a Social Club member.  That’s right, I said free… as in you pay nothing for it!

You do need to own a Garage in GTA Online because the car needs to be delivered, and the company does not deliver the car to you personally.  So, you will need to save up around $25,000 to be able to buy your first Garage before you can get your Elegy RH8.

Oh, and you will also need to sign up for a Social Club account for the vehicle to become free at “”  But, having an Elegy RH8 will make traversing Los Santos much easier as it’s good for making quick getaways.  Also, the RH8 would make for a good car to compete in Races with if that is your scene.

Overall,  the perks of having a Social Club account makes it worth the time spent signing up for one.  The added firepower of the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the speed of a Annis Elegy RH8 are two perks that should not be missed.

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