Roller Blades and Roid Rage

Father and son bonding over ridiculous enemies.
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My first memory of video games is on the SEGA Genesis. I know I had played quite a few games before this point, but this is the one that really stands out as being my fondest memory from my childhood gaming.

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The game was Streets of Rage 2. Being a multiplayer game, it was something I could play with my dad. We put the game in and surveyed the four playable characters. I chose to be the speedy kid on roller blades and my dad was either the blond-haired, white-tank karate guy or the muscle-bound shirtless dude. We spent hours playing that game and going through the crazy levels. I would get upset whenever I would lose my last life, causing us to have to start from the beginning yet again. We were both at the same level of skill with this game, and jumping on the backs of enemies and punching them in the face while my dad threw men around and knocked skulls was just exhilarating.

The elevator level had to be the toughest portion of gaming I had ever encountered up to this point in my life. It felt like hours before it reached the top of wherever it lead, each enemy getting more difficult the higher we ascended. That was the first game that my dad and I truly bonded over. Those were the days.

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