Routine: “Amnesia in Space” Compatible With Oculus Rift

The offspring of Dead Space and Amnesia, Routine looks to be a strong contender in the horror genre.

The offspring of Dead Space and Amnesia, Routine looks to be a strong contender in the horror genre.

Horror is a genre that has begun to slowly improve on the stagnation it has suffered over the past few years.

We have games like Dead Space and Amnesia, that despite all their flaws, manage to create terrifying and dark atmospheres that deliver reliable scares.

Like I’ve said in previous articles, the day we are finally able to have these first person horror games with native Oculus compatibility is the day that horror transcends mere vicarious enjoyment. And fortunately, we are in luck.

Routine is an in-development horror exploration game indie game by LunarSoftware which is set on an abandoned moon base. Your job is to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of everyone stationed on the base.

The art style is a retro take on an 80’s era vision of the future, but the atmosphere is a combination of the  horror of Dead Space, and the unnerving chills of Amnesia. You can explore the randomly generated space station to your heart’s content, but be aware that the game wants to make death seem like a tangible fear and implements a perma-death system. No HUD, no scoring system, no extra lives.

In another awesome marriage of the Dead Space and Amnesia series, players will be equipped with an upgradable weapon called th “CAT” (“Cosmonaut Assistance Tool”) in order to make a feeble attempt at defending yourself on the station.

But did I mention the best part? This game will be Oculus compatible at launch! Yes, my dream of diving head first into fear has finally come to fruition. If I could combine this experience with an Omni, I would die a happy (but scared shitless) man.

There is no set release date for the game yet, but I have a strong feeling this game will only continue to push the horror genre forward.

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