If you're tired of normal Terraria, try this Dark Souls inspired adventure from modder Tim Hjersted!

RPG plus Terraria? Spice Up Your Game With Red Cloud!

If you're tired of normal Terraria, try this Dark Souls inspired adventure from modder Tim Hjersted!

Dig down, find metals, get items, fight bosses, get better metals, go into hardmode, get better metals, fight bosses. Gets a bit dull after a while, doesn’t it? Terraria is a wonderful sandbox game with a lot to do besides just build, but sometimes you want something a bit more.

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Enter The Story of Red Cloud, where Terraria and Dark Souls come together in a huge adventure!

You begin your journey as Red, a recently buried man/woman thought dead by his friends after a vicious group of goblins attacked his home. You dig your way out and then make your way to the nearest village to find out what exactly happened. From there, you vow to avenge your family and set out to find the dark leader of the goblins, Attraidies.

For the most part, you’re unable to dig like you normally can in vanilla Terraria. Instead, you’re forced to explore dungeons and environments made to test your platforming skills and sense of direction. When you kill an enemy, you’ll earn a number of souls, just like in Dark Souls, that you can use to either create or upgrade many different pieces of equipment.

While all the old favorites are still lurking around, the Story of Red Cloud, adds a whopping 22 new bosses for you to find and challenge!

There is so much to explore and find in this mod that it’s basically a full game by itself. Will you take the challenge, and battle Attraidies? Avenge your family? Let us know in the comments below! 

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