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We Get An All New Look At The Opening Mission For Saints Row IV
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Today, we get a new look at the opening mission for Saints Row IV. Traditionally, the opening mission is jam-packed with over the top action and ass-kicking, and this one definitely keeps with the trend.

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 Minor Spoilers Ahead.

Right off the bat we see that our friends Shaundi, Pierce, and Kenzi are still alive and kicking. Shaundi and Pierce accompany you on your opening mission while Kenzi provides some long-distance tech support, as usual. We also see the return of an enemy from Saints Row The Third, Cyrus Temple, the military asshat that kept trying to kill you.

In this mission, the military has brought the saints in to deal with Cyrus, since they have experience kicking his butt. They show off the main character’s bad-assness pretty early on, having the player take out a whole squad of enemies alone. The player progresses through a storm of enemies all on the way to take down Cyrus. Luckily, you get your hands on him and go through a button mashing scene where you beat the crap out of him, and even though you succeed he still manages to stab you in the gut and launch a nuke at the last second.

Of course in true Saints Row style, the mission ends with you climbing up a nuke as it rockets towards the White House. Your job is to disable the rocket as your friends say a last farewell to you. The main character, of course, disables the rocket just in time to jump to safety. You then land safely in the Oval Office, and relax in the president’s chair as you kick your feet up on his desk.

I am assuming that America is so thankful that the main character saved them that they elect him/her to the office of President. Overall this looks like it is going to be the most memorable title in the Saints Row series. You can pre-order Saints Row IV now, or pick it up in stores on August 20th for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC.

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