Saliha Sorren

A massive sinking ship, a bow made out of smoke, and armor crafted by the Kodan themselves.
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 It was never in my design, to have a flowery ranger, but, then again, there was never a starting design for Sal at all, since she was the first character I created. She has grown into a fully fleshed character, but one aspect of her has always been, and probably always will be, the armor from Honor of the Waves. It is the perfect combination of classy leather and metal. It is unique, looks great with dyes, and, as you’ll see, fits perfectly into the story she’s woven for herself.

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The Story thus far…

It’s not an easy thing, to pull yourself up from the tragic and sometimes obscene fashion that the commoners of Divinities Reach can only rub together copper coins to afford. But Saliha Sorren isn’t made of the same rough wool as those who choose to stay close and protected under the watch of the seraph. She no longer wears the same fabric as much of humanity. As soon as she had earned her coat from Beetleton Manor and crafted her first bow, she left to see Tyria with her shape-shifting pet, Vaelon, at her side. They had always had the same wanderlust in their eyes.

She was driven by the need to explore, the taste for climbing the highest peak, and she used the fullest extent of the Priory’s reach to fuel her travels. Ascalon, with its plains and its scorching lava fields, only left her with hair singed. Maguuma was an adventure of crawling through skritt caves and troll lairs; the thrill of endless philosophical conversations with sylvari and heated debates with asura. It wasn’t enough, and neither was Orr, which left the taste of rot in her mouth and the need for something more. It wasn’t until she traveled to the Shiverpeaks, and lay eyes on the magnificent, impossible, sinking, Honor of the Waves, that she finally found the challenge she had been looking for. In that hulking, beautiful ship, she fought alongside the Kodan. Their enemies were hers. Though she can only hope to one day grasp the concept of the balance and the will of Koda, for her efforts they crafted her a set of their finest armor. It is made of leather the Kodan crafted themselves and metal that smiths forged in their fires brought from the Far Shiverpeaks. She finally could shed her Krytan armor, for she had found something that understood the battles she had fought to make it to the Shiverpeaks, and the ones she would continue to fight, until she had appeased her need to see all that Tyria had to offer. It is her armor from Honor of the Waves, that has, and always will be, the personification of her spirit. 


  • Full Honor of the Waves
  • Starry Night
  • Sapphire
  • Antique Bronze
  • Midnight Fire
  • Endless Quiver
  • Aether


Saliha Sorren

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