Section 18: A Call of Duty Clan With A Positive Plan

We take some time to shed the limelight on a clan founded on positive attitudes and a desire to be the best.

We take some time to shed the limelight on a clan founded on positive attitudes and a desire to be the best.

Now imagine everyone has a microphone and is competing to win first place in a video game. A virtual space with no real repercussions. Probably not the ideal way to meet nice folks who just want to play with other like-minded people. I know I’ve had countless 8 year old’s attempt to put me in my place. That’s where “clans” come in, a collective of your peers striving to accomplish the same goal.

Clans can take shape in any game, most notably in massively multiplayer online games, first-person shooters, real-time strategy, and role-playing games.  They allow for those like-minded individuals to coordinate strategies, politics, and communicate throughout the match. This can occasionally result in friendships; the rest of the time, mmm… not so much. 

Finding mature, friendly people on the internet isn’t easy. 

I’m sorry… did you say c-c-c-clans!?

The kind of clans we’re talking about here is for first-person shooters.  Typically they can have a bad rap, there’s a lot of yelling, cursing, and racists slurs; the audible harassment is limitless.  Not all clans offer such harrowing experiences; though I’ve yet to personally find one that can maintain a positive atmosphere.  There is hope though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

SECTION 18 comes to mind when I think of positivity in clans, and what they’re aspiring to do is something that resonates with me.  I’m very passionate about shinning a spotlight on the good that gamers do.  I was lucky enough to ask the clan leader (who doesn’t like the title, he prefers “just another member”.) Raynor Sky,  what’s the purpose of the clan?

“…what makes Section 18 not only a clan to definitely look out for [in the] coming months [is] a community that takes pride in making new found friendships with gamers, and molding them into the gamers of the future.”

Though this is an admirable stance to take, yearning to genuinely set a goal of having a true kinship with your fellow gamers seems like a pipe dream.  Reality has to set in at some point.  How long has something like this gone on for? What goals are there to reinforce a positive, ambitious atmosphere?  Raynor immediately responded:

“‘You will see the positive attitude that all clan mates have shown over the last few years… [as] we are currently trying to qualify for the EGL (European Gaming League) & MLG (major league gaming)”

Having the ability to communicate effectively is paramount when competing against highly skilled opponents.  There are thousands of teams competing to win the cash prize during a sponsored gaming tournament.  MLG and EGL are two of the biggest events in eSports.

“Pennies make dollars”

As a big proponent of positivity in games, I find Raynor’s take on gaming quite refreshing.  Hopefully with more positive attitudes out there we can instead encourage people to pride themselves on contributing to a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.  It may only be one clan, but I know I’m not alone with the desire to find positive people and experiences online.  I asked Mr. Sky if there was any room for more people to join the clan?

“Section 18 is always looking for new committed members, GFX artist, and editors to come and join the growing community. [We are] more than just a clan. Others should be inspired to have the same teamwork, and spirit [that] Section 18 members have.”

“…they have reached the maximum clan level, in both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2, and are already working to make this a completion in Ghosts…”

As games become more engrained in our culture, we have a responsibility to “treat others as you wish to be treated.”  Think about all the newcomers to video games and interacting with those people online. China just lifted a ban against consoles earlier this year, that’s an entire audience who hasn’t experienced this aspect of online communication.  We have more children than ever playing video games, and now interacting with these hostile personalities.  I believe Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said it best, “with great power, comes great responsiblity.”  The desire to create and grow a positive environment is one we should all have, and one we need to work together to achieve.  Maybe, just maybe with enough work we can rid ourselves of these negative connotations that gamers or clans are immature, anti-social, and unfriendly. 

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