Senior Citizens Plus Micro Consoles Equals Success?

Micro consoles are the key to incorporating older folks into gaming; here are some reasons why.
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Older folk are a strange bunch. They rich with amazing stories of their life, but many are severely lacking in technological skill or knowledge in any type of modern day devices. Its no surprise that due to these characteristics, most senior aged people are not avid gamers in the slightest.

With the recent spike in popularity of android based miniature consoles however, there might be some hope for the older demographic to finally have a place in the empire of video games. Here is a list of some features within micro consoles that may sway seniors to give gaming a shot.

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A wide assortment of emulators

These items located on a vast array of micro consoles (Ouya, MOJO, etc.) provide endless amounts of old school entertainment for an old school crowd. Ranging from simple prehistoric Nintendo games to a more complex playing variety, these gems allow the aged player to experience titles that might have a more simple control scheme for their speed and ability. 

As the person goes throughout the library of retro titles however, their love and skill level for their games will increase dramatically, therefore providing a great impression of fun to be had for the senior crowd.

Miniature consoles are astoundingly cheap

If you know someone retired, chances are that they do pinch their pennies in order to conserve their savings. This is extremely justifiable; however, these unique brand of consoles provide a satisfying gaming fix that goes easy on the wallet simultaneously.

Affordable and reliable, these miniature machines provide excellent value for unbelievably small prices that go for as low as 99 measly dollars.

They have multiple purposes

Its very understandable how one could lay off the purchase of a video game playing machine due to its lack of other entertainment use. Fortunately, with the new micro consoles released onto the public, elderly folk can rejoice as these products have massive alternative choices bundled in, including the widely popular Netflix application as well as other streaming services from the interwebs to right there on your television.

YouTube, Hulu Plus, you name it, these micro consoles provide endless amounts of real world value that your grandfather will actually appreciate besides the gaming aspect.

They bridge the gap between generations

Grandchildren will be immensely entertained and overjoyed of their relatives new found gaming device. Nothing will impress your young ones more than having keen insight and the ability to play along side them on a brand new machine. 

These new mini android products will act as another source of bonding with the older generation and the new. 

Gateway to embracing the future

For some, all the spike in gadgetry advancement could be a little scary, however with the rise micro consoles, this can act as a way to ease the older community into a world of technological wonder.

Aged people are a wonderful demographic, wouldn't it be great for them to be included in gaming's vast adventures?

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