Setting Sail from Bastion

Amazon Eliza bids fond remembrance of the Gameskinny Intern program and looks forward to the horizon.

For a pirate, the days at sea can often blur one into the next. But, that is not always a bad thing. In my case, it meant I was busy with my duties including the extra ones I put upon myself as part of Gameskinny’s intern program.

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When I originally discovered this site it was to help promote an online petition for one of me old favorite games, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which I have played for many a year. Yes, I know it’s dated but I still keep a warm spot in this heart for the sea.

Let Me Tell Ya A Tale, My Lad

Once I realized what Gameskinny was, the writer and storyteller in me thought what a grand and wondrous place to post my scrawls and thoughts. And the folks here have been a very giving sort.

The positive feedback and interaction has made this place very comfortable, even for a cutthroat scallywag. So, I set up shop and posted a few things when I heard about an internship program.

Now, I’ve had my fair share of schooling and make a decent living in the plunder business so it was more about challenging myself. Could I write one or two articles a day and garner interest in our team, the Pixel Hunters?

Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew

(Duckdog was NOT our offiical mascot)

I chose not to be team leader and am happy I did. Zach Long did a great job of reminding our members of their deadlines, posting notes and edits, and checking in with us.

Joe Morgan has posted some great articles this past month, but parted ways before we reached the shore. The youngest member of our crew, Brandon Sumerix, posted several direct but insightful reviews of the hottest game titles.

Another mate Andrew Mandula wrote some great articles including an item on game artist Hiro Isono. But, I think AJ may have fallen overboard along the way. And also Jack, who came to the party late, but had such a great attitude for us in turning the final corner of this marathon. Thank you guys for making these weeks go by so fast.

Reportin’ For Duty

This past month has been a great experience, even if some of my items prompted a little criticism. I welcomed it and tried to be as honest and forthright as a sailor could be. And I do read what you folks say and try to take it to heart.

I was one of the five finalists in the Dragon’s Prophet contest, even after my critique of their female character design. To me that means that Gameskinny respected my thoughts and writing. So, even if I’m not chosen this time, I’m far from done here.

In fact, I’ve already re-upped for the next round of intern work and look forward to it. My duffle is packed and I’ve got my best hat for a long sail.

I urge any of you regular posters or writers in training to consider stepping up and volunteering for the next round, but time is short. Maybe we’ll be crewmates.

Until then… 

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Capt. Eliza Creststeel
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