Setting up your dorm room – Gamer Style

Decorate your dorm room to fit your personality this semester with awesome, nerdy decorations that will be perfect for any gamer!

Whether you're just starting your epic adventure to higher learning, or you're returning for another chapter in your epic journey, it's never too late to make your small space your own!

Dorm rooms may not be the most spacious way to live, but these nerdy decorations will brighten up any college student's living quarters.

In order to save the new generation of scholars from the plain and boring, we've rounded up some eye-catching decorations to spice up any gamer's dorm room and how to use them in such a constrained space.

Nerdy Pillows

Buy: Zelda - $20 | Pokemon - $8 | Pac Man - $8 | Sleep | Harry Potter - $24 | Star Wars - $12

Nothing says cozy like laying your head down on a pillow that makes you smile. A clever, gaming pillow will make you feel at home, but also be a great conversation piece for you and whoever you may be entertaining.

This would be great to match with a nerdy bed set, which will be covered in the next slide. 

Batman Bedding

Buy: Amazon - $59

Now that gaming and nerd culture has become more mainstream, and less looked down on, let you pride shine bright with an awesome comforter! 

This bed set is available on Amazon above, but the sky is the limit when it comes to bedding! I have a Super Mario set and I am ashamed? Absolutely not.

Pac Man Ghost Lamp

Buy: ThinkGeek - $31.99

An age old concept for any modern living space is that the more light you have in the room, the bigger and more spacious it looks! 

With this really awesome (if I do say so myself) Pac Man light, you can illuminate your dorm room with a nerdy twist, not to mention the light is multi-colored so it's a party all the time! 

To save some space you can place this little guy on a shelf, instead of a desk or table. That way you can still pull all-nighters writing that report due tomorrow, but Pinky, Blinky, and Inky won't be in your way.

NOTE: You could pick up some cheap string lights and hang them so it looks like the ghost is on the path to eating them! 

Gaming Wall Decals

Buy: Etsy - $19.99

Save space but still personalize your room with easy-to-remove gamer decals!

You can use these on your walls, windows, doors, or virtually anywhere you want. My favorite part about decals is that you can put them up easily, and also take them down just as conveniently.

This is essential for dorm rooms because you won't be in them forever (most times only a year) and this way you don't have to worry about filling holes in the walls, repainting, or any other grievance with moving. 

Portal String Lights

Buy: Level Up Studios - $24.99

Sticking with the theme of "lights make a small room look bigger," we've all seen those awesome dorm room photos of people stringing lights across the ceiling or part of wall to make the room look dreamy.

Well, take your room a step above those basic, Pinterest photos with these Portal string lights instead! Its a 12 foot cord, so you can frame your bed, your wall, or a cool decal from the previous slide.

Mario Shelves

Buy: Esty - $89

These are a little pricey for a college student, but saving space is all about shelves and these Mario-inspired hanging shelves are the perfect way to store your stuff so it doesn't end up on the floor, bed, or scattered across tables. 

The piece in the center lifts up so you can have some privacy and the sides are perfect for books or figurines! 

NOTE: For a cheaper alternative you can put your creativity pants on and make these yourself out of square boxes and a little paint! They won't be a sturdy or legitimate as the wooden ones, but it's perfect for a gamer on a budget!

PacMan Blinds

Buy: DirectBlinds - Price varies on size

If I remember anything from my college days, it's that I never got enough sleep. However, I did make a financial commitment to black out blinds, and wow did it make a difference.

These awesome Pac Man blinds from Direct Blinds are a bit expensive, but definitely worth the investment, since you can take them with you when you move.

Rubik's Cube End Table/Seat

Buy: Etsy - $140

Everyone needs an end table, and in this case you can have one in style.

What makes this end table even cooler, besides the obvious aesthetic, is that it opens for even more storage, which is the perfect place to store games or game controllers in your dorm room. 

If this is out of your budget, but you want something like it, you can sacrifice the sturdiness and grab a plain cube table from Amazon and paint it!

Bob-Omb Rug

Buy: Etsy - $45

Not only is $45 cheap for a rug, this Etsy user has a multitude of different Mario themed rugs for just as low of a price.

A rug can transform a plain old boring dorm room into a place you're proud to call your own, and also give it a personal feel that will definitely make you more comfortable in a new, strange place.