Sex and Parenting

You've enjoyed my articles having to do with boobs and sex. I hope you'll keep reading.

You've enjoyed my articles having to do with boobs and sex. I hope you'll keep reading.

Sex sells, and now I know it.

When I began my time in GameSkinny’s Journalism Training Program, I had big dreams of getting thousands of views on my unique take on the gaming industry. I wanted to approach it from a parent’s perspective, and find a niche that is a little untapped in the mainstream media market. But when an article about Ellen Page, naked, in Beyond: Two Souls accidentally racked up more views than anything I’d ever written, I realized the internet may not be as grown up as I thought.

Is There Anybody Out There (Like Me)?

I’m not condemning you for clicking on an article that promises information on how you might be able to see a popular celebrity naked in digital form. It’s just that I was hoping I could find the people out there that are like me. The ones who have kids and don’t have nearly as much time for gaming as they used to. The ones that like to stay informed on the gaming world, even if their controllers are getting dusty. However, what I found is that the internet is filled predominantly with people looking for quick information, funny stories or videos, and boobs.

Once I realized this, I was able to capitalize on it a few times and post a few articles you all really seemed interested in reading. While I’m glad I caught your attention, I’m hoping to figure out how to turn that attention onto some of my other, more mature ‘gaming as a parent’ pieces. Of course I hope you’ll read everything I post, whether it’s about boobs or parenting, but I am happy you tuned in for something.

Much More to Come

We’re wrapping up our last week of the fall session with the GameSkinny Journalism Training Program, and it’s been great. I’ll continue writing in some manner throughout the rest of the year, and you can always follow me on Twitter to see what I’m up to. But until we meet again, I’d like to leave you with two things:

Sex and parenting.

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