Shield Your Eyes, The White Terror Has Risen

Rest your eyes after taking a gander at this video.

Rest your eyes after taking a gander at this video.
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The faint sound of wolves populate the forest, paying no attention to the anomaly of wolves so close to town you steady your quest forward. The howls gnaw into your conscience with persistence. It opens the door to fear. Silence falls with its eerie blessing, the arrow of time flies straight and you hear a slight howl in the distance you ever so wished you imagined, with each passing second it draws closer and closer.


 Shivers shoot down your spine shaking the very foundation of your being, blood pumping to every corner of your body alerting every sense you have.


You scan the trees searching frantically for what is headed your way, you hear paws in the distant night rapidly gaining speed.


Gripping your weapon you prepare for the beast that is headed your way. Blinding light rays shoot out from beyond the trees, you raise your shield to protect your eyes. Thick mist envelopes you disabling all sight. The howls still persist, the footsteps match the beat of your heart. You drop your shield attempting to get a bearing in the wall of mist. In the distance a white light source is rapidly headed right to you.


Panicking you slip on the mud and injure your leg, immobilized from all movement you support your head against an Aspen Sapling behind you. You watch in despair as the source of light nearly blinds you and the howls pierce your eardrums as you enter a daze. A silhouette of a four legged beast approaches you stopping a mere horses length from you. The beast rises on two legs, you hear metal unsheathe and the silhouette of an axe is created.


The creature approaches you axe in hand, your head is spinning with constant howling, mist obscures your vision;blinded by radical light. As you are created, you will parish and accept your fate. You hear a grunt as the weapon is swung ready to hit,the sound of air being sliced fills your head as it cuts through the thick misty air, you close your eyes still blinded by the light entering through the cracks. You feel the tremors of chopping:




Finally darkness enters your sight with peace of mind.

You  awake in the middle of the field miraculously healed of all wounds;equipping your shield and broadsword. Was it a ludicrous dream or a rambunctious imagination? You get a grip on yourself and decide it is best to return to town. You turn around, an Aspen Sapling has been chopped down midway and there are paw tracks in the mud.


Sick and tired of that heavy armor that just doesn’t have that luster you need, the luster YOU CRAVE!? Prepare your eyes for the most vibrant heavy armor to be gifted upon Warriors and Guardians across the lands!

You are probably asking yourself “But Varnn im just a noob, ikd wut to do =[” 

The answer is easy, you MAN UP and obtain the ENTIRE Twilight Arbor armor set; yes all of it.

I’m talking:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulderpads
  • Gloves
  • Chest
  • Pants
  • Boots

At this point you are probably wondering what color you should masquerade yourself in? 

Personally I chose Celestial, but put on your big boy pants because this is a doozy– PICK ANY COLOR YOU WANT.

After becoming a true manly man you start to feel a slight disappointment grow in you, you start to wonder why you don’t have white farts and shrieking howling like I do all the time.

Grab your inhaler and clench your cheeks because I am gonna drop one on you, it’s called The Howler.

It is the most evil idea ever to come to fruition. This bad boy creates an explosion of mist when you unsheathe it that is so awesome you just may cream yourself by being in the vicinity. Not only that but you leave a trail everywhere you go, marking your territory with your godly mist trail. Night time is where this baby really shines, everyone within a 3,000 dolyak radius of you will be forced to turn off their game volume because of the amazing constant howls this baby pumps out.

Salvage that worthless rusty armor, and grab yourself a mantastic set of Twilight Arbor gear, then ONE UP yourself and grab The Howler, skyrocketing you to infamy on your server!

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