Ship Scale Video and Superb Artwork by EVE Outtakes

How big are ships in EVE? This big. How big is the EVE Universe? Unfathomable, but ours to explore.
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Some people just seem effortlessly, creatively brilliant.

In my experience, a lot of these kinds of people seem to be drawn to the universe of EVE Online. This is understandable - New Eden is a powerful muse, a ripe field, a blank canvas and an enticing sandbox all in one.

One such inspired genius is the artist known in-game as PSY CHO, who is the creative dynamo behind EVE Outtakes. For some time he has delighted the EVE community with his unique brand of EVE inspired art and video.

One thing that has always irked me about my EVE Online experience was the inability to comprehend the scale of the gloriously designed ships I was flying around in. This disconnect was something CCP attempted to address with the addition of Captain's Quarters, but that doesn't quite work for me.

I'd like to offer my thanks to PSY CHO, who has come to the rescue with the amazing title video above, showcasing the scale of the monstrous vessels of EVE Online. It is easy to forget that even the smallest frigates are the size of a commercial passenger aircraft and the largest ships are the size of towns.

But fittingly, that video is just the tip of the talent iceberg, just take a look at a fraction of the examples in this slideshow as a showcase of what else he has to offer.

For full-sized images, wallpapers and more video goodness, I highly recommend you check out EVE Outtakes.

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I find this picture really powerful, evoking the idea that this could be a snapshot from the final heartbreaking scenes of an EVE movie as the captain of the Caldari Kestrel frigate is forced to leave his family.

Or perhaps it's the opening setup...

Linked with the previous image, this picture oozes ferocity and menace. These Minmatar fighters are deployable supercarrier assets in-game

There's a lot going on here in what is either a station or a carrier hangar deck, from the repair and/or construction of some iconic EVE ships, to the sinister cloaked Amarr (?) figures in the foreground, surveying a Mech. 

The ever-present rogue drones of New Eden are man's creation gone awry. We only ever find them in deep space, but this apocalyptic image conjures the menace and devastation they might cause if they made planetfall.

Piracy is rife in New Eden and I love Psy Cho's tongue-in-cheek interpretation of a "pirate ship".

A far more accurate interpretation of the average capsuleer I have never seen. Certainly if I knew I could switch clones at any time, I'd be disinclined to make the effort to maintain the hard-bodied beauty that most EVE avatars display.

Ship re-skinning is in the pipeline. It's only a matter of time before this is a reality. 

In a single image, Psy Cho reaches into the subconscious of every man in the universe and creates this ideal. ;)

This battle is undoubtedly a result of consuming the cargo of the ship from the previous image.

Eve Online • New Eden Distruction Mix



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