Should Riku Be Kingdom Hearts’ Main Protagonist?

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I’ve just recently gotten over the month long screaming/ crying session since Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced. It’s allowed me to take a bit of retrospective on the characters I hold dear to my very own kingdom heart. Although Sora is one of the bravest and most cheerful characters I’ve ever met, I can’t help feeling like he shouldn’t be the main protagonist of the series. I will always think Riku would be the better one, though maybe I’m a bit biased – he is my favorite character.

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The other side

Considering what we know of Riku’s story, his would undoubtedly be the better arc. He was consumed by jealous feelings, leading him to turn his back on his most cherished friends. When he was stunned by realization of his wrong doing, he accepted the consequences of it, devoting himself to make things right. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance did allow us to play out some of Riku’s backstory, but gosh, I want more! His spiral down from a boy filled with wonderlust to a power obssesed one would be really interesting to play. Sora’s story, or maybe the way in which he handled his problems, always has an undercurrent of happiness. He’s a bit too joyful, even in the hard times. Whereas Riku’s life is a constant struggle, he’s always fighting to forgive himself. Sometimes, we want to see a fight.

Final thoughts

Riku’s development throughout Kingdom Hearts is ever building, and even though viewing Kingdom Hearts from Sora’s point of view is great, his characterization is a bit flat. I imagine it would be that much better to view Kingdom Hearts from the silver haired boy from Destiny Islands.

Which character do you think would have been the better main protagonist? Leave a comment below! 

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