Sky, Sun, Earth Wrapped in a Cloak of Wind [GW2 Fashion Contest 2013]

Where am I? I hear…voices…I see images of places, creatures, and people. Everything is ethereal, like a dream. But wait, somethings wrong, I feel a dark presence trying to corrupt the dream. I slowly open my eyes. I see the pale blue sky, I feel the rich earth, i feel the pulse of life and magic flowing within me and through Tyria.

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My name is Shuhari Ki [ki = tree in Japanese]. I’m a newly blossomed Sylvari Elementalist.


 Born during the cycle of dusk

Silver Drapery photo SilveryAwning.jpg


I seek to master the arcane…

Mists of Twilight photo MistsofTwilight.jpg


…gain experience and understanding…

Astrolabe Crown photo AstrolabeCrown.jpg


…and explore Tyria.

View of Divinity photo ViewofDivinity.jpg


 Since the Sylvari are grown from and have a very close connection to the land of Tyria (also because they are plants), I knew I wanted a very natural, organic feel to for my outfit. The nightmare set was the first thing that came to mind but wanted to mix and match other pieces to get a more unique look. I thought the winged pants and orrian chestpiece matched well and the mantle is very floral and I like cause it matches the vines on the shoes and gloves. The orchid headpiece is hard to see but matches the swept back look of the mantle. Lastly I can interchange the fervid censer flower backpiece with the wind-catcher. The censer yellow matches the outline of my outfit and the hightlights of my hair (leaves?) and skin (bark?) and the wind-catcher..Its cool to be wrapped in a cloak of wind!


  • spring ice
  • spring leaf
  • limette
  • spring dew
  • jalapeno


  • orchid helmet
  • nightmare mantle
  • corrupted orrian vestments
  • snapdragon gloves
  • winged pants
  • snapdragon boots

backpiece: wind-catcher or fervid censer

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Image of Shuhari