Sleven Ten – Sylvari Guardian

The one and only Branded Sylvari!
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

The style of my Guardian was based more or less on the styles of the Branded seen in the Iron Marches. I noticed there weren’t any Sylvari out here and wanted to create my own version of the race were it caught in the clutches of the Elder Dragon!

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I dig the styles of the Sylvari tier 2 armor but felt it was a little on the light side for a Guardian. So I went on the hunt for some beefier armor that still meshed well with the natural style of the race. Picked up the T3 gloves because, well… they’re awesome. Also snagged the TA heavy shoulders to add to the menace! Mix in some midnight ice and a dark shade of purple and you’ve got yourself a Branded Sylvari!  

Sleven is posed here amidst the blackened stone warped by the chaotic energy of the branded.


Shoulders – TA

Gloves – T3

Chest/Legs/Boots – T2 

Dyes are Midnight Ice, Indigo, and Celestial! 




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