[Slideshow] Did Your Wedding Have Ninjas? Artix Gaming Couple Throws Epic Battle Wedding for the Ages

You have to imagine that their wedding to-do's looked something like: "Order flowers, rent tux, hire ninjas."
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When Artix and Trini of Artix Entertainment got married, they went all out; here are the highlights of their incredible battle wedding ceremony.

Later, Adam (Artix) told us all about how the wedding came together - and how the reception was even crazier than the wedding! You can read the interview and watch the ceremony video here.

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Everything was going smoothly until the officiant asked 'if anyone objects'. Why do they always ask if there are any objections? It's like answering the phone in a horror movie, nothing good ever comes of it.

The bride came prepared, having followed the tradition of bringing "something old, something new, something pointy."

And it's a good thing, because otherwise this would have been a pretty one sided fight. Meeting in the middle of the aisle, the groom and knight battled until they reached the front of the room.

The groom emerged victorious, and the dissenter relented.

Just in time for a horde of ninjas who arrived to kidnap the bride.

Yep... Ninjas.

Real ones, the kind that flip jump down the aisle.

The ninja squad squares off against the groomsmen while their boss heads for the bride. (Side Note: Groomsmen who had to rent cummerbunds instead of plate armor may commence envy now.)

Unfortunately for the would-be abductors, they forgot about the bridesmaids. You should always be watching the bridesmaids.

Otherwise you'll get punched in the face with your own nunchaku and wind up upside down flying through the air. Happens every time.

The ninjas carry their bested boss back down the aisle.

The officiant begins to proceed, but another objection is waiting in the wings.

Ironman arrives to let Trini know her application to S.H.I.E.L.D. has been reviewed and they want her to join up right away. No time for this marriage nonsense, justice awaits.

Unfortunately for Mr. Stark, Batman has some ideas of his own. As usual. (Listen closely and you can hear Ironman thinking 'Oh no you didn't, goth kid.')


Batman thinks Trini would be far better suited to helping him clean the filth off of Gotham City, and he wastes no time making a cape swirling, impassioned speech about it. Ironman and Batman are about to engage in a battle of truly epic egomaniac proportions when they are stopped cold by The Man.

Since the hotel lacks adequate insurance to cover aerial martial arts and full scale armored battle, the manager tells the wedding party they'll need to pack up and leave.

... Unless, of course, they can defeat his bellhop henchmen!

The wedding party, having recently defeated ninjas, makes short work of the bellhop crew. Here a groomsman throws a bellhop through the air like so much Samsonite luggage.

The groom gets into the action, delivering a swift kick to his opponent's face.

And in a showing of true togetherness, the bride and groom chuck the last bellhop standing off their ceremony platform.

Thankfully, some backup arrives to ensure that the wedding progresses more peacefully from here on out.

Any one very cool couple begins their happily ever after.

Congratulations Artix and Trini! Your ceremony will go down in the books as the one that set the bar for cool weddings so high only a leap ninja can clear it.

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