Snow White

Snow White inspired character
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My Human Elementalist Snôw Whíté, inspired of course, by Snow White. I was growing weary of the dark, ‘badass’ armor combinations that I often see around, and so I decided to use an outfit that was lighthearted and doesn’t make me look like I murder things for fun. So I thought, and eventually decided, ‘hell.. Snow White is the polar opposite, she just hangs around in the forest picking flowers and talking to tiny animals’ (and Dwarves of course).

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  • Head – Anything, it’s hidden.
  • Shoulders – Heritage Mantle
  • Chest – Honed Magician Coat
  • Gloves – Hidden again
  • Legs – Heritage Pants
  • Feet – Heritage Shoes


  • Blueberry
  • Autumn
  • Pink Ice
  • Butter
  • Honeybutter


QJ197ex.jpg (596×597)

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