Sohfe Swiftstrike – Charr Warrior

Sohfe is a little short-tempered and didn't really want to pose any longer!

My guy Sohfe: Two-tone trouble in Jalapeno and Spite, which also describe his nature — hot and nasty to any foe that crosses his path!  He doesn’t want a lot of plate armor to slow him down, but loves the intimidation factor of his Dragon Horn headgear. (It also hides his big baby blues.)

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A lot of my guild have Charriors and it’s fun to see the different armor choices. I feel as though the charr only reluctantly accept armor, so went for a practical, minimalist look. I vary the colors, but like the greens to match his favorite weapon. I also didn’t get him a matched set, but picked up individual pieces from karma vendors and drops as we explored, then crafted his gladiator chestplate. Sohfe didn’t like standing still for the photoshoot, but I think we ended up with some good stuff!


  • Horns of the Dragon
  • Gladiator’s Pauldrons
  • Gladiator’s Chestplate
  • Pit Fighter’s Wristguards
  • Heavy Travelen Leggings
  • Barbaric Boots
  • Tifle is Axiquiotl

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