Some Games Would Make Even Better Movies

Would certain games translate better into film?

Would certain games translate better into film?

Today I was asked what game title would I rather see as a movie. As this was a unique and intriguing question, I consulted with a friend of mine. 

We thought about many different games like Final Fantasy VII, Mass Effect, and even Starcraft II. We went over many different ideas, but eventually we came to a conclusion with Diablo, and for great reasons.

One obvious reason is the fact that Diablo 1 and 2 had such a great storyline to them. Who wouldn’t want to see the film ending with Tyrael destroying the worldstone and leaving it at that? Of course all this relies on Blizzard sticking to the original story and not messing  it up like how Sony did with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Also, just imagine what amazing CGI would come from a movie like Diablo. It would be amazing to see a Barbarian jump up and slash an Abominable. Wouldn’t be something else to see some character classes brought alive by the movie like the Necromancer, Druid and Assassin?

If Diablo was ever made into a movie instead of a game, we should not worry about not having anything to play. We would still have games that are still very alike out there to play, such as Torchlight and Sacred.

Diablo would make for an incredible movie, and has amazing potential, so long as Vin Diesel doesn’t get cast to play a character named Diablo.

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