Space Baby Submits Battle of Hoth Wall Art to Geek Dad Contest

I am an eleven-week-old baby and I wrote this article. Honest.

I am an eleven-week-old baby and I wrote this article. Honest.

Hello GameSkinny,

My name is Amber, but my EVE Online friends call me “Weebooted” after my Daddy’s blog, Freebooted.

That’s me in the picture above, enjoying some of the loot my Daddy brought back from Fanfest in Iceland in last month. The Brennivin made me really sleepy.

My vest (you might call it a creeper) was a gift from Auntie Sindel Pellion, who runs the Angel Project in EVE Online where she helps out confused space babies like me.

I’d just like to say my Daddy is a huge geek. I can’t really nominate him for the GameSkinny Epic Geek Dad’s Contest on first-hand experience, but my cousins have told me about the Battle of Hoth art he painted on their bedroom wall and I thought you might like to see it.

They’re painted on opposing walls so when my cousins lay in bed they feel like they’re in the trenches on Hoth waiting for the Imperial walker attack.

It does make lights out time a bit of a challenge though, especially if the parents come out of warp too close to the door.

And being a boy’s bedroom, I thought they smelled bad… on the outside.


[Wide shot featuring scene-stealing downed AT-AT by Karl and what could be a sleeping Wampa.]


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