Space dogfighting: Why the future is the past

Where have all the space flight simulators gone?
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Do you remember a time when you couldn’t wait to play a space flight simulator?

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The days of Tie Fighter, Descent, and Wing Commander?

Why is it that such games appear so infrequently now, and usually at a much lower quality? 

From what I can tell, the genre itself suffered a crushing loss of interest with the advent of first person shooters in the late 90s, practically destroying the profit margins for any company hoping to craft such a game.  This is a markedly unfortunate situation for those of us who truly loved getting behind a joystick and blasting enemies through space.

As I walk through PAX this year, I have seen little in the way of dogfighting games, perpetuating this unfortunate status quo.  I hope that someday soon a major developer will see the market that still exists for such games and really put forth a strong effort to produce one. What do you think? Is there no room for such games on the market anymore?

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