Speaking with Gamers: Which Console Will You Buy Next Generation

I interviewed twenty-five gamers and they told me which next-gen console they plan on buying.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

I interviewed twenty-five gamers at random and asked them which next gen console they plan on buying and why.

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Nicholas plans on buying both consoles but will probably get the Playstation 4 first. He plans on buying both within a month of each other, but says that he thinks the PS4 will probably be the better console. His reasoning for buying both was that he wanted access to each console’s exclusives.

Vincent plans on buying the Playstation 4 for a few reasons. He thinks that the XBOX ONE is too complicated and doesn’t like its used games policies. He also prefers the lineup of games coming out on Sony’s new console.

Aki is choosing to go with Sony in this console war because of the ability to share and buy used games without restriction.

Antonio will first get the PS4 and later the XBOX ONE. He chose Sony first because it is focused on gaming and doesn’t have Microsoft’s non-gaming extras.

Kenley plans on buying a Playstation 4, but also plans on constructing a gaming PC. His reasoning was that Sony’s policies are more friendly to indie developers.

Zachary was not sure. He will decide which console to get when he finds out which one has the better online experience.

Patrick is waiting and he will choose the console that has the most ease of use.

Hector already has an opinion on which console is easier to use: the XBOX ONE. He says that that is the reason why is going Microsoft next generation.

xxvassassinvxx, choosing to go by his gamertag, will be going with the XBOX ONE because it has “more power, better games, and Halo.”

Salvador shares the same sentiment as xxvassassinvxx and will be going with Microsoft because of their game selection.

Juan will be going with the PS4. He has been with the XBOX since the original but Microsoft’s restrictions has made him switch teams.

Albert will be going with the Playstation 4 because Microsoft has stricter DRM and “all that good stuff.”

Mandi will be going with the XBOX ONE because she uses her consoles more for multimedia purposes. She plans on using it to stream videos.

Dan is undecided. He will make a choice based on which one has a better presentation in terms of menus and interface.

Kevin will be going with Sony because he is a “Playstation guy.”

Josh, too, will choose the Playstation 4. He plans on developing his own games and thinks Sony is the right team to be on for that. He said, however, that he wants to get the PS Vita before getting the new console.

Yorman, as well, will be going with Sony this time around despite previously being an XBOX guy. His reasoning is the same as Josh’s.

Matas will be going with the XBOX ONE. He likes the Kinect and thinks it gives developers a lot of potential to work with. He wishes that, in the future, there will be a way to mix the Oculus Rift with the Microsoft Kinect. Although he is going with ONE, he dislikes the DRM restrictions.

Derek will probably be going with the XBOX ONE. He thinks that the DRM issue is blown out of proportion since it’s up to the publisher. He also likes the Kinect and the lineup of games.

Jerry will be going with the PS4 because it “kicks ass.”

Chris will be going with either the PS4 or the Wii U. He really likes Disney Infinity and Super Smash. Between the two next gen consoles, he thinks that the PS4 will be offering the better experience and he is also a Sony guy.

Stafa will be going with the 4 in this war because it has “no draconian DRM” and is $100 cheaper.

Kaylin will be going for Sony’s new console as well. She says it supports indie games more and she does not like how Microsoft is trying to destroy the used games market.

Kalvin is going with Sony because they are making “the better system.”

Asa will be going with the Wii U, but between ONE and 4, he will choose Sony this time around because it has “more my style games”, it’s cheaper, and there is no need to check in online.

PS4 (including the ones who choose Wii U as well): 14 (56%)

XBOX ONE: 6 (24%)

BOTH: 2 (8%)


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