Spelunky Video Armageddon at PAX Prime 2013!

"You know that scene in The Wizard (1989) where Jimmy and a bunch of competitors play Super Mario Bros. 3 on stage, side-by-side? In this session, we’re going to do that for Mossmouth’s legendarily difficult platformer, Spelunky."

It’s time for a recap of one of the PAX Prime 2013 panels: Spelunky Video Armageddon! 

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First, just let me say: holy crap I had no idea Spelunky was so freaking competitive! 

After many technical troubles (including a dead laptop) the panel finally got underway, featuring a mega throwdown between 4 epic indie developers!

With commentary by Max Temkin, creator of Cards against Humanity, and developer Greg Wohlwend. The build used for the panel was created by Mossmouth specifically for this panel; it’s unique in that it allows the competitors to get back into the same seed! This puts all players on the same footing. 

For those of you that don’t know Spelunky is a rougelike platformer hybrid, playing as an intrepid explorer who spelunks in caves looking for treasure. With the new version that recently launched on Steam, Mossmouth added a crap ton of new content including local co-op play and 20 different playable characters!

Colin showed off a killer way to KO the dreaded shop keepers early only to the amazement of the audience. 

Doug and Zack were the first devs to go down!

Fallen competitors were replaced by volunteers from the audience. On and on the competition was fierce! 

And then the stream went down due to technical difficulties… 🙁

…and again and again! 

Next thing we know, the match is over and Colin Northway won by destroying the final boss, King Yama.

It was a nail biter, folks! 

That’s the Spelunky Panel Recap!

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