[Spoilers] How LEGOs Will Help You Win the Game of Thrones

We are ever children at heart - and to commemorate the glory of Game of Thrones, sometimes the only tools at hand simply have to be children's toys.
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This year, HBO's mega-hit show Game of Thrones made it back onto the small screen for an epic fourth season... once again filled with not-so-baby dragons, dramatic medieval politics, and fantastical full-frontal nudity. 

The long wait in between seasons hasn't seen much drop in fan enthusiasm either. And perhaps the influence of so many LEGO movies and video game successes have taken their toll on our collective unconscious because many fans are turning to their own creativity to recreate iconic scenes and characters using these yellow-faced block-bodies. 

While officially the children's toy mogul hasn't sought to align itself with G.R.R. Martin's bloody, adult-themed fantasy franchise, here are some of the best LEGO fan creations out on the internet.

(Source: Flickr)

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Game of Thrones' now unmistakeable theme song has been mixed, remixed, and rearranged within an inch of its life. As it continues to grow ever longer as an opening theme and the world of Westeros continues to shape itself before your eyes, these enterprising LEGO enthusiasts have set out to recreate the same thing.

Paired with rearranged music by Matt Warder, MatthewP and Monica Garcia build a real-life Westeros from the ground up...one LEGO brick at a time.

The lands and loosely-knit kingdoms of Westeros are vast and varied, but there are few things that stand out as starkly (tee hee) and beautifully as the heart tree of Winterfell.

Here a little LEGO Ned Stark sits and broods in this place of the old gods, while the brooding, grumpy LEGO tree pats an oddly cheerful-looking Catelyn Stark for peering down at her own reflection. 

(Source: LEGO Game of Thrones)

House Lannister, the lion with its claws sunk deep in the royal Baratheon stag, is embodied in this crafty set of golden-haired minis posing for their family photo. 

Poor baby Tommen, he looks so puzzled to be here.

In this LEGO recreation of the shocking death of Ned Stark, the loss of Winterfell's patriarch is immortalized in minifigs as G.R.R. Martin proves that no hero is safe just by being a hero.

While Tyrion might not enjoy his precarious situation huddled against the wall of his sky cell, it's probably a mercy that he can't see the dilapidated state of his neighbor. 

(Source: Lego Game of Thrones)

Nick Fury might not have a place in Game of Thrones, but it looks like the Avengers crest certainly does. In this recreation of the duel for Tyrion Lannister's innocence in the Eyrie, you might not notice that the crescent moon in the House Arryn crest is nowhere to be seen, but you may appreciate the niceties of Catelyn's facial scar and hints of white hair. 

(Source: Lego Game of Thrones)

In this depiction of the Ruby Ford, the final days of Robert Baratheon's rebellion against the Mad King Targaeryen reach their climax as Rhaegar falls in the Battle of the Trident:

“Rubies flew like drops of blood from the chest of a dying prince, and he sank to his knees in the water and with his last breath murmured a woman’s name.” – A Clash of Kings

(Source: Lego Game of Thrones)

Many years later, Robert's ascent to the throne poses an important, if unanswerable question: which is more terrifying - the Iron Throne or the threat of Robert's face-consuming beard? (This poor LEGO man may have more hair than head.)

(Source: Flickr)

While the scions of Tywin Lannister are all grown up, little Tyrion keeps to his roots by returning to his big book of dragons - which incidentally is nearly as big as he is. 

(Source: Flickr)

No part is too small to play, as the dastardly scheming face of Littlefinger with a handful of shiny coins sits and plots with Maester Pycelle to represent the Small Council. 

(Source: Flickr)

Back in Winterfell, Theon Greyjoy goes turncloak as he takes over the home that has warded him ever since the Kraken was soundly defeated by Robert's army. The people look on in horror as charred black LEGO boys swing from the rafters.

(Source: Flickr)

While the forces of King's Landing are bunkered down waiting, Renly and Stannis meet in this backyard meeting under peaceful banners while the Knight of Flowers and the Red Woman look on. 

(Source: Flickr)

Even further north than Winterfell, Jon Snow fights a pitched battle with his Brothers of the Night's Watch against the might of the Free Folk - and his lady love Ygritte in particular.

(Source: Flickr)

And lastly, for those of you who are itching to get your hands on some baby Westerosi of your own, but lack the artistic powers of repainting some for yourself, the folks at Citizen Brick have you covered with the biggest set of Game of Thrones figures currently out on the internet. 

You'd probably have to be serious about recreating your own little Battle of King's Landing though because the full set of these babies (complete with bonus G.R.R. Martin figure aptly named "Sir Typesalot") sells for a whopping $220 USD. 

Looking for a smaller set to get your imagination going? While still expensive, Etsy seller MiniBIGS sells a few custom minifigs for $17 USD each. The set of 5 is currently unavailable, but you can still find Daenerys Targaryan in her Khaleesi clothes holding a baby dragon, Tyrion Lannister grumpy and drunk as always, and Jon Snow dressed for the Wall in individual sets. (Check under the "Throne of Bricks" shop section.)

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