Square Enix, What Have You Done!!!

This post is really to complain about Square Enix (formally known as Squaresoft) and how they deflowered the amazing Final Fantasy series.

This post is really to complain about Square Enix (formally known as Squaresoft) and how they deflowered the amazing Final Fantasy series.

Hello everyone I’m back to complain about another video game developer and how they managed to keep me up at night and destroy my childhood memories. I’ve posted earlier in the week about Blizzard and how they’ve been ruining the WoW expansions so this post will be along those same parameters. Like my experience with Warcraft I didn’t get into the Final Fantasy series from the beginning. I’m honestly not even sure what system the very first Final Fantasy came out on, goes to show you how unaccredited my posts are.


I came in at Final Fantasy 7, and I think I picked a pretty damn good number to jump into the series on. Final Fantasy 7 quickly became my favorite console game, and remains my favorite console game of all time. This game has the best story line and character building of any game I’ve ever played. The game had the classic battle system of other final fantasies, with the use of materia and weapon combinations, the game was just awesome, I could write post on top of posts on how good it is, but I’m not here to do that.

Then Came Final Fantasy 8

Nothing could top Final Fantasy 7 for me but I still thoroughly enjoyed #8. The game still had a great story, great characters, introduced the idea of gunblades, pretty friggen awesome. The game was good, no question at all, my personal 3rd favorite of the series. Then came Final Fantasy 9.  Okay, this one almost lost me, I couldn’t connect with the stupid monkey tailed main character.  I couldn’t really connect with any of the characters to be honest, but the game seemed to be much more interactive, more to do, and it came out at the peak of PS1’s time, technology wise so all the perks were there.  I did like this game, but it didn’t really do anything for me, it didn’t soil my opinion of Squaresoft and it didn’t improve it either.  It was just a stagnant game for me.

Ohh Yes, its Getting Better

Then came the first final fantasy for the PS2 Final Fantasy X. This game is my 2nd favorite of the series and is simply just an awesome game. Obviously with the new technology of the PS2 allowed for amazing graphics (at the time).  The characters were incredible.  The new system of being able to battle with your summons (Aeons) was amazing.  Just the overall story line, so good, I honestly got sad at the end when Tidus disappears. If a video game can F with my emotions like that, you did something right.

Everything was Going Well Until…

With that win of a title and leaving the game on such a cliffhanger like it did there was nooooo way Square Enix could screw up the next one could they? There was so much to build off of! They had their entire base set, they’ll doooo finnnne. Ah, here it is Final Fantasy X-2. Oh… my… dear…God. This company was lucky I played past the god damn opening cinematic. Are you kidding me, your first move of making your main character base all the female characters from 10, risky move. Lets just be honest here, a majority of the gaming world, although currently changing, is male, so what are you thinking making all of the major characters female.  The final fantasy series are all about connecting with the story and characters. Even the enemies of the game are female, you guys just f’d up here. But I was honestly still going to play, in my head I’m like c’mon man you can’t be that sexist. Then I came into the ability tree and weapons/armor/items. Microphones as weapons… Dresses as armor… Abilities depending on what dress your wearing?????? Okay that does it F you Square Enix F you in the A. I played for about 2 hours, had to turn it off and immediately went to locate my lighter fluid and matches. (yeah I use matches step off).

Further Attempts to Redeem the Series

This title was so bad that Square-Enix still hasn’t gotten me back to the series, I tried playing Final Fantasy 12 it couldn’t bring me back it wasn’t enough, I stopped about halfway through. I thought about playing Final Fantasy 11 the MMORPG, but with a game like WoW out there why bother, and I honestly don’t have time for both. They almost had me back with the PS3 title, Final Fantasy 13.  I gave it an honest try, but at the end of the day, the story just didn’t grip me and I couldn’t connect to any of the characters.  I enjoyed Lightning, but she’s no Cloud, she’s no Tidus, she’s no Squall, idk maybe I am sexist. And the other characters were stupid, Hope?  First off sweet name, but then as the character developed I realized a stupid name fits a stupid character.

I Just Can’t Take it Anymore

From the moment I put down 13 I haven’t played a Final Fantasy since, and I know they’ve made another one past 13, but to my understanding its just a continuation of 13 which didn’t grab me so why bother. The fact that I haven’t picked up another Final Fantasy saddens me deeply, the early series were some of my favorite games of all time and the newer ones are some of my most hated. I’d love to have a sit down with Square Enix and Blizzard for that matter and give them a real stern talking, and by sit down I mean beat down, and by stern talking I mean a stern kick to the groin and if they happen to be female a swift shot to the ovaries. Shape up Enix Shape up, PS4 is on the way, so help me god if you introduce a stupid ass title to system I’m really coming to your headquarters. I have no idea where it is, I’m sure its on Google somewhere, but I won’t let you shatter the memories of thousands and poison our youth with your trash.

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