This Halloween, allow your pet to join the festivities with these super cute Star Wars dog costumes.

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friend

This Halloween, allow your pet to join the festivities with these super cute Star Wars dog costumes.
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Half the fun of Halloween is coming up with a cool costume to march around in during trick-or-treating, at work, or at a Halloween party. Although your pet may not be as enthusiastic as you are to don a costume and collect candy, you can make sure your pooch is dressed for the occasion with these Star Wars Halloween costumes for dogs. Please be sure to measure your dog and double check sizing so your dog isn’t overly uncomfortable in his or her outfit! 

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Turn your dog into a wizened, Jedi master with this costume cloak. He’ll be force pulling doggy treats in no time. 

These are not the toys you’re looking for…


No one will be able to resist Princess Leia’s plea for help with those puppy dog eyes. If you’re not a fan of the entire outfit, you can still get those iconic buns for your pooch.

“You’re our only hope…”

For the record, this made me laugh so hard. 


If you have a larger dog, then put him to work as an At-At Imperial Walker. If you get this costume, you totally should include a recording of the sound the lasers make. 

Pew pew. 


If you know your dog will flip out if he or she has a lot of stuff attached to them, then a hoodie may be the perfect solution for your Halloween needs. Not only do they work as a costume, they can also keep smaller dogs warm on a cool night. Here’s some featuring Chewbacca, R2D2 and BB-8.



Google does not yet have an answer for the sounds BB-8 makes phonetically.


As if Ewoks weren’t already crazy adorable, now you can give the entire neighborhood nosebleeds with this Ewok dog costume. Be sure to carry ear plugs to guard yourself from the excited, high-pitched squeals.

Can’t. Take. The Cute. *gasp, wheeze*


Who da man? Yoda Man. Bad jokes aside, turn your dog into the renown, Jedi Master this Halloween. 

Want this costume, you do.


Turn your companion into the ferocious beast from Hoth with this Wampa costume. Better yet, sic ’em after every Luke Skywalker you come across. 

Sidenote: This costume, makes me think of this cat. 



Another variation of pet costumes involves making them into a mount. The costumes below will turn your four-legged friend into a four-legged ride from the Star Wars universe. 

Those Tusken Raiders don’t play. 

This Stormtrooper will miss every shot in real life, too.


No Star Wars pet Halloween costume list would be complete without the wheezing bad ass, Darth Vader. Complete with a cape, this costume is perfect for larger dogs. 

The helmet looks a bit dorky, though.


If you prefer a full-size R2D2 costume, then check out this sweater for your pup. Although he’ll probably bark instead of making beeps and whistles, people will get the point. 


Have you seen anymore awesome Star Wars dog costumes? Let us know and share a link in the comments. Have fun this Halloween! 

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