Steam Summer Sale: 15 MORE Games You Need to Wishlist

The Steam Summer Sale starts today, so crack out those Wishlists and grab your wallets, we're in for a long ride!

The Steam Summer Sale is finally here, and it's Wishlist time. If you haven't already set up your Steam Wishlist in preparation for the sales, now is the most opportune moment to do so.

As I mentioned in our previous list of games, your Wishlist is the ultimate traveler's guide for the Steam Summer Sale. So long as you have games in your Wishlist, Steam will notify you via email (and the mobile app) whenever something you wish for goes on sale.

So crack out your Wishlists and get wishing, there's still a mile of ground to cover. These are 15 more games worth holding out on until the Steam Summer Sale starts.

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

Steam User Rating: 86% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Fallout 4 has finally been confirmed, which means some epic Fallout deals on the Steam Summer Store. The entire Fallout collection is expected to be on-sale, including Fallout 3Fallout: New Vegas, and the classics.

Ever since Fallout 3, the series has been renown for the amazing integration of RPG elements into a first-person shooter. Not to mention the incredible, open-world post-apocalyptic landscapes.

If you've skipped over the Fallout series for any reason in the past, the Steam Summer Sale is the time to give it a fair shot!

Borderlands 2

Steam User Rating: 97% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Speaking of great FPS RPGs, I'd be shocked not to see Borderlands return to the Steam Summer Sale; and with it, Borderlands 2!

This year has been great for the franchise with Telltale games in progress with Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and while I don't expect a discount on those, the first two games and DLC are fair play!

Wishlist it and catch those sales, I'll see you in the Borderlands!

Elite: Dangerous

Steam User Rating: 80% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Excited for Star Citizen and No Man's Sky? Enjoy grindy, huge galactic gameplay? Then have I got a Wishlist contender for you!

Elite: Dangerous is a gorgeous space game where you take control of your very own spacecraft and work your way up through the ranks. If Elite: Dangerous shows up during the Steam Summer Sale, it's bound to soak up more than a few measly hours of life.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Steam User Rating: 96% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is a short but powerful adventure about a pair of siblings on a journey to save their father.

This game requires the use of a controller, cleverly using each analogue stick to create interesting, co-op singleplayer gameplay.

If you like find yourself enjoying powerful experiences in games, such as Gone Home, wishlist Brothers and prepare your heartstrings because they are about to be played.


Steam User Rating: 96% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Bastion comes another epic narrative adventure: Transistor.

Transistor plays a lot like its predecessor, with some excellently integrated RPG elements, a new combat system, and a fleshed out sci-fi setting. You play as Red, a singer recently gone mute.

If you loved Bastion, then Transistor will blow you out of the waters again. Wishlist it or its predecessor for the narrative game experience of a lifetime.

The Banner Saga

Steam User Rating: 90% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

The Banner Saga is an incredible journey through rough lands and rough times in the world of Vikings.

In a way, The Banner Saga is the story of a tragedy similar to those found in Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain, with some strategy and turn-based action to get through the combat sequences.

Don't wishlist The Banner Saga because it reminds you of Fire Emblem or something silly like that. Wish for the experience, and you'll have a great time with this Steam Summer Sale purchase.

The Witcher 2: Assissins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Steam User Rating: 89% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Enjoying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Dying for some more Witcher action?

The Witcher 2: Assissins of Kings is the second game in the series, and the only other one that slightly resembles The Witcher 3. The first game doesn't play very similarly at all.

Wishlist The Witcher 2 before the Steam Summer Sale starts, and if we're lucky, The Witcher 3 might even get a mini-sale!


Steam User Rating: 91% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Since the latest Winter Update, Starbound has really picked up the pace again and is quickly turning into a solid product.

Terraria comes to mind, but this game has sci-fi written all over it. In Starbound, the universe is yours. You can warp to and explore a large variety of planets with amazing space creatures and alien environments.

If you still haven't picked up this popular Early Access title, then wishlist away — the Steam Summer Sale is waiting!

Grand Theft Auto 5

Steam User Rating: 81% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

With as long as it took Rockstar to port GTA 5 to the PC, I wouldn't doubt its appearance on the Steam Summer Sale.

Grand Theft Auto is a series about — no, wait, you should know this: police chases, gang stuff, senseless killings, blowing things up, general mayhem, driving/destroying new and interesting vehicles, more police chases, etc.

Do you like Grand Theft Auto? Wishlist GTA 5 for those (likely minimal) Steam Summer Sale discounts!

Titan Souls

Steam User Rating: 84% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Titan Souls is an action game where you get to explore a gorgeous 2D world and fight colossal titans.

You set out on an adventure with a bow and a single arrow to kill every titan in the game. There's not much story to the game, just heart-pounding titan slaying.

If you liked Shadow of the Colossus and want a new, short game to fill that itch, then wishlist Titan Souls. The 2015 Steam Summer Sale can't get any brighter!

Freedom Planet

Steam User Rating: 97% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Need to scratch an old-school itch? Ever hoped to find a Sonic or Megaman game during the Steam Summer Sale?

Freedom Planet is the tale of a wacky planet that has been invaded by aliens. Three girls step up to the plate to save their home and show those aliens that there's nothing weird with motorcycles that drive up walls.

Wishlist Freedom Planet now if you want a game that reminds you of the old-school 2D Sonic days; you will lose yourself there.

The Talos Principle

Steam User Rating: 97%

Wishlist It: Steam Store

The Talos Principle is an award-winning game that combines challenging, out-of-the-box puzzles with a deeply thought-provoking world and story.

There is so much attention to detail in The Talos Principle it can feel like your exploring a true, 'abandoned' civilization. The story revolves around a series of moral conflictions and some sort of time-warped universe that has no chronological order of any nature.

Question everything; and if you excel at that, then you need to wishlist The Talos Principle now before the Steam Summer Sales knocks down your door.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Steam User Rating: 96%

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Ori and the Blind Forest debuted back in March and has since been declared a masterpiece in many respects.

This is a visually stunning, Metroidvania style platformer with mini-RPG-sprinkles. The artwork and musical scores are nothing short of magical.

If you enjoy great atmosphere, Metroidvania games and platforming, wishlist Ori and the Blind Forest immediately. You won't want to miss this one during the Steam Summer Sale.


Steam User Rating: 98% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Yes, I'm aware it's only 7 US Dollars on the store. The Steam Summer Sale wouldn't be the first time Besiege has received a discount, though.

This is a game where you build medieval siege engines and unleash them upon the peaceful wonders of the world. Besiege has its own fully fledged physics system and a plethora of parts for your wacky creations of medieval doom.

Wishlist Besiege if you want to spend a few afternoons trying to destroy hamlets with your war machines.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

Steam User Rating: 91% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Deus Ex: Human Revolution shares a few certain similarities as Dishonored.

Every situation you come across can be dealt with in a variety of ways. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you can gun down your enemies, sneak past them, hack their computers, or use your incredible social skills to talk your way out.

Wishlist Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut if you desire a game with depth and choice. The Steam Summer Sale would be lost without this one.

Guard your wallets, for the Steam Summer Sale has arrived at long last!

Make sure your wishlist is updated this Steam Summer holiday season, you won't want to miss out on those incredible discounts!

What waits in your Wishlist for the flood of sales to come?

What is it that you plan to snatch up during the 2015 Steam Summer Sale? Let us know in the comments section below!